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NBA's Top 100 Plays Of The Decade

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  • Opublikowany 31 gru 2019
  • Check out the top 100 NBA Plays of the decade!!
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Komentarze • 8 605

  • TruBaller Boi
    TruBaller Boi 2 lat temu +2449

    My favorite announcer

    • DEE DUBZ
      DEE DUBZ Miesiąc temu

      @Arlon Bete Everytime

    • Arlon Bete
      Arlon Bete Miesiąc temu +1

      @DEE DUBZ

    • Shuayb Khan
      Shuayb Khan 2 miesięcy temu

      kevin harlan

    • Darrell Hardy
      Darrell Hardy Rok temu

      @Midorima Shintaro I seen both LBJ and MJ..sorry bro, wasnt even a bulls fan but Jordan is the best player I've ever seen 💯

  • Chew Lew
    Chew Lew Rok temu +1204

    After all these years...still can’t believe Ray Allen’s absurd footwork on that final play. I know he could find the 3 point line with his eyes closed but my god that couldn’t be any more perfect. That shot is art. Poetry in motion

    • Theseus
      Theseus 9 godzin temu

      And GSW bandwagons have the audacity to compare the greatest 3 Pointer shooter of all time, Ray Allen to some mullato who chokes at shooting 3s when they really need him (2016 Finals).

    • SirKabawl
      SirKabawl 16 dni temu

      @hotpocket323 Reggie Miller in the clutch is no joke too. 8 points in 8.9 seconds.

    • dBabu
      dBabu 3 miesięcy temu +2

      And there’s no way that the Bosh block on green in the same game is only 98. It should be at least top 50. It was such a clutch block

    • BubblegumZeus
      BubblegumZeus 8 miesięcy temu +4

      just like the stupid ads say

  • ORiONizAqt
    ORiONizAqt Rok temu +1974

    Kawhi Leonard's shot to finish off the Sixers has to be the most dramatic moment I've ever seen in the NBA, that'd be my number one. Lillard's shot on PG would be a close second though imo

    • Arjay Nuñez Tapaya
      Arjay Nuñez Tapaya 18 dni temu

      Nope, not even close to Ray Allen's 3. Remember that not only the championship was at stake, but the legacy of Tim Duncan and LeBron as well. Think about it, if that shot didn't go in, Tim Duncan would be 6-0 in the finals, tied with MJ while LeBron would only have 3 rings.

    • Andres Horne
      Andres Horne 2 miesięcy temu


    • dBabu
      dBabu 3 miesięcy temu

      Nah the heat one is better cause finals to force a game 7 and the bosh block would be 3rd. 1. Allen shot game 6 2. Kawhi shot 3. Bosh block on green game 6 2013 finals. Honestly the same one is overrated it’s only first round and it wasn’t that meaningful it was cool but not like so intense it was game 5 only and it was a boring series. Dame isn’t really good after the first round tbh

    • Savage Monster123
      Savage Monster123 3 miesięcy temu

      crazy shot

    • The Weasel
      The Weasel 4 miesięcy temu

      @Jash Dalal it was both a travel when he collects it and when he gathers to shoot. Superstar (non)call

  • Irascible
    Irascible 10 miesięcy temu +265

    Wade and Lebron is such an iconic duo, man I miss that dude

    • jack jack
      jack jack 6 dni temu

      Both of these clowns 🤡 got whipped by an elderly mavs and spurs team..🤔🤔. Then the LeRefs and LeRay Allen saved them..

      TYMORF GAMING 6 miesięcy temu

      @Exot1cz 25 same. I’ve only got into Basketball since LeBron moved to Lakers basically & I live in England sooo

    • Exot1cz 25
      Exot1cz 25 8 miesięcy temu +1

      @Kenrick Eason yea I never witnessed it live as I was too young back then. I can assure you that was probably super cool though

    • Kenrick Eason
      Kenrick Eason 9 miesięcy temu +6

      I can't lie.. When they were the villains it was major fun..

  • Saide Simon
    Saide Simon Rok temu +172

    7:37 feel the game. Bench player knew half court shot was going in. He felt it. Those are the crazy moments I love about basket ball. This brought back great memories

    • Pierre Jones
      Pierre Jones 4 miesięcy temu +2

      thats what i am talking about i just checked to see if anyone else noticed that,... midway before the shot went in he was already in the court celebrating.. gotta love this game

    • Resltess Gaming
      Resltess Gaming 9 miesięcy temu +7

      yeah like wtf, no way he knew

    • Alexis Papageorgiou
      Alexis Papageorgiou 11 miesięcy temu +5

      I had the same reaction. Way before it got in...

    • 123 223
      123 223 Rok temu +2

      You can do that in basketball?

  • Pilot1nc0mmand
    Pilot1nc0mmand 2 lat temu +848

    D-Rose and Blake Griffin in their prime put up some of the most jaw-dropping baskets for sure.

    • Adrian Jawel
      Adrian Jawel 4 miesięcy temu

      Damn i miss the Lob City 😭

    • Anxiety
      Anxiety 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Enkel Trik dudes hang time was insaneee

    • Gonzalo
      Gonzalo Rok temu

      @Ballerz24 u jokin i cant tell

    • S_AME
      S_AME 2 lat temu +1

      Literally, every superstar from back then is playing the inside game but since the Blake and Rose injury, everything changes. Everyone just chucks up 3s instead. I'm grateful for the longevity of the players but it becomes boring, to say the least.

  • Nicholas Deguzman
    Nicholas Deguzman 9 miesięcy temu +71

    As a fan, Ray Allen’s corner three to tie the game still gives me goosebumps to this day

    • jdkelly_28
      jdkelly_28 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @OMAR GAMAL you are blind obviously.

      OMAR GAMAL 4 miesięcy temu +1

      It's a travel 3 steps

  • Wray & Nephew
    Wray & Nephew 9 miesięcy temu +33

    The Lebron James block in the finals is the best play I have seen in the decade. Lebron was like a free safety closing in on the ball. It was incredible to see it live.

    • PrettyGoodvsEverybody
      PrettyGoodvsEverybody 4 miesięcy temu +1

      I'm not that big of a LeBron fan but play #68 is the greatest display of athleticism I've ever seen

  • Tullock
    Tullock Rok temu +138

    20:16 you know this one is just stunning when everybody in the stadium puts their hands on top of heads in disbelief and I from Toronto too.

    • Satisfying Cuts
      Satisfying Cuts 5 miesięcy temu

      It’s quite hypocritical to call someone brain dead, when you’re going on an enraged rant about me thinking something, regardless of me never actually stating my thought.

    • Satisfying Cuts
      Satisfying Cuts 5 miesięcy temu

      @Tullock that makes total sense

  • Theseus
    Theseus 9 godzin temu

    Ray Allen truly is the greatest the 3 Point shooter of all time. What a legend!

  • Pologuy864
    Pologuy864 Rok temu +621

    When Draymond said he was the best defender I Instantly thought about the James harden dunk 😂😂

    • Tokqs
      Tokqs 22 dni temu

      @Ellet Taylor don't listen to skip and shannon lol they say hella wrong shit all the time

    • daniel Ramirez
      daniel Ramirez 11 miesięcy temu

      @Hussein🤫🤫 he does really well against ad Blake when he was still good basically but what Draymond is really good at is always probing on defense ready to give help defense to the other 4 guys

    • Ellet Taylor
      Ellet Taylor 11 miesięcy temu

      @Ronan Kelley yes but like skip and Shannon said he ain’t even top 20 I’m pretty young but i still know how ridiculous a lot of those guys were defensively weather it was scottie and mj dominating up on guards or Hakeem the dream dominating bugs in the interior or Stockton being the all time leader in steals draymond a 4 so he aint stopping any if the all time great 4s and 5s and like you said hes not a great athlete so guys at the 2 and the 3 just gonna blow buy him and old school 1s he can maybe guard just because they weren’t basing their game on the 3 they were more pass first

    • StephBetter
      StephBetter 11 miesięcy temu +1

      @Hussein🤫🤫 every big man in the league

  • meow cat
    meow cat 5 miesięcy temu +5

    Man while I was watching this each clip brings back the memory of the first time when I watched this, place where I was and the people who I were with. Thank you NBA for making this video. It is really like a time machine bringing me back to the old days for a moment.

  • Infinite Power
    Infinite Power Rok temu +17

    13:48 The announcer is absolutely in love with that trick dunk he pulled off 😆🥲

  • Aszmed
    Aszmed 22 dni temu

    I just can't stop watching Wade and LeBron. Such an amazing duo, am I right!

  • ClevelandEthan
    ClevelandEthan 2 lat temu +5551

    Players Included:
    Lebron James - 12
    Blake Griffin - 7
    Stephen Curry - 5
    Derrick Rose - 5
    Kevin Durant - 4
    James Harden - 4
    Kobe Bryant - 3
    Dwyane Wade - 3
    Giannis Antetokoumpo - 2
    Paul George - 2
    Kyrie Irving - 2
    Damian Lillard - 2
    Kawhi Leonard - 2
    JR Smith - 2
    Russell Westbrook - 2
    Jarrett Allen - 1
    Ray Allen - 1
    Carmelo Anthony - 1
    Matt Barnes - 1
    Trevor Booker - 1
    Chris Bosh - 1
    Jimmy Butler - 1
    Anthony Davis - 1
    Demar DeRozan - 1
    Luka Doncic - 1
    Andre Drummond - 1
    Tyreke Evans - 1
    Kenneth Faried - 1
    Sundiata Gaines - 1
    Danillo Gallinari - 1
    Manu Ginobli - 1
    Gerald Green - 1
    Jeff Green - 1
    Andre Iguodala - 1
    Joe Johnson - 1
    Derrick Jones Jr - 1
    Deondre Jordan - 1
    Jeremy Lamb - 1
    Courtney Lee - 1
    Jeremy Lin - 1
    Emmanuel Mudiay - 1
    Larry Nance Jr - 1
    Dirk Nowitzki - 1
    Victor Oladipo - 1
    Tony Parker - 1
    Chris Paul - 1
    Paul Pierce - 1
    Rajon Rondo - 1
    Terrence Ross - 1
    Dennis Schroder - 1
    Josh Smith - 1
    Amar'e Stoudemire - 1
    Jayson Tatum - 1
    Isaiah Thomas - 1
    Tyler Ulis - 1
    Kemba Walker - 1
    John Wall - 1
    Andrew Wiggins - 1

    • Savage Monster123
      Savage Monster123 3 miesięcy temu

      lebrons the goat

    • Kat Eliseo
      Kat Eliseo 11 miesięcy temu

      Looking for this. Haha counted 14 for Lebron tho

    • Celo B
      Celo B Rok temu

      You must had nothing else to do but thanks

    • Kobe Aguinaldo
      Kobe Aguinaldo Rok temu

      26:06 look at the ref in the back, he felt that

  • CAT.
    CAT. Rok temu +13

    I was so damn happy for Ray Allen at the end of that Heat game, yo. I think that was also my first full season of watching NBA basketball

    • dBabu
      dBabu 3 miesięcy temu

      That and 2016 were tied for the best playoffs of the 2010s. ECF in 2013 was amazing. WCF was good too. In 16 the ECF was kinda boring tbh and the WCF was a complete banger. Amazing. Game changing series. Finals also both years Lebron stepped up and won it with his yeam

  • Evan Day
    Evan Day 2 godzin temu +1

    I think my favorite things about all these plays are the crowd reactions. just a synonymous "OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" even at the opposing teams arenas

  • Louis SAMBOU
    Louis SAMBOU 6 miesięcy temu +6

    The Block by James is definitely the best play of the last decade.

  • Anne Bates
    Anne Bates 2 miesięcy temu

    23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 Topgirls.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤
    23:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
    23:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
    23:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    23:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    23:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    23:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
    23:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
    23:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤.

  • SinisterMud
    SinisterMud 2 lat temu +4115

    “Oooooooo blocked by James!!” Sometimes the commentary makes it even more epic.

    • Pasan De Silva
      Pasan De Silva 2 dni temu

      Lebron James with the rejection!

    • Kenrick Eason
      Kenrick Eason 9 miesięcy temu

      @Official j0nn imagine calling American Football *"Football"* and Calling Real Football *"Soccer"* LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kenrick Eason
      Kenrick Eason 9 miesięcy temu

      @Official j0nn You do know Basketball is #2 in the world right?? LOL!! The World laughs at American Football 🏈 cause it's not real Football ⚽

    • Janky One
      Janky One 9 miesięcy temu +1

      @Tom Wright it's not goaltending to pin a ball on the board. Did u not see kawhais block on harden? It's only goaltending if it hits the backboard first

  • Samson J. Fetterson
    Samson J. Fetterson Rok temu +130

    The Kawhi shot deserves the no.1 spot. There's nothing like it in NBA history.

    • Its’Jalen
      Its’Jalen 10 miesięcy temu

      Well the three was to tie the champ in this video soooo agree to disagree I guess

    • Connor M
      Connor M Rok temu

      @Wolfgang Berg Who lost what series? Toronto went on to win the championship and the Heat went on to win the championship as well?

    • Wolfgang Berg
      Wolfgang Berg Rok temu

      @Connor M Yeah but they lost the series anyway

    • Gabe Bandekow
      Gabe Bandekow Rok temu

      No if he misses they're going to overtime. Curry, dame, and kyrie. All better. Kawaiis shot was lucky

    • fnef8j8edjdn3
      fnef8j8edjdn3 Rok temu +4

      no, if kawhi missed game would have gone to overtime, if allen missed its all over in the finals

  • Tyler Buck
    Tyler Buck Rok temu +50

    19:18 that dunk made a thunder-clap

  • Harsh Paradkar
    Harsh Paradkar 10 miesięcy temu +14

    The fact that LeBron almost had a quarter of the best plays of the decade is yet another testiment to his greatness

  • Boris Sibor
    Boris Sibor Rok temu +80

    Derrick Rose's savage attacks to the rim are the most impressive.

    • Ivan Martinez
      Ivan Martinez Rok temu

      @measel Catches Lebron is overrated. And that is bullshit and you know it. The heat would have gotten dropped one year.

    • measel Catches
      measel Catches Rok temu

      @Ivan Martinez they still would’ve lost. Lebron would never fall to rose

    • Ivan Martinez
      Ivan Martinez Rok temu

      Imagine prime rose with jimmy butler. Jimmy hadnt even developed as a player yet. Prime rose and jimmy vs the heat. Would have been so good.

    • Ivan Martinez
      Ivan Martinez Rok temu

      @Nirdeep feel like if he didnt get injured the bulls definitely would have knocked the heat out in the playoffs atleast one year. Still cant get over it. Feel like im trapped in that time. The bulls suck now.

  • Sybil Holt
    Sybil Holt Miesiąc temu +3

    1.Hermosa eleccion Kissss.Uno de mejor ❤️
    2. elecciones 9.5/10
    3. culturales )l 9.3/10
    ''Son unos de los mejores conciertos''.

  • Shane-O 405
    Shane-O 405 2 miesięcy temu +1

    RIP Kobe I remember my first NBA game it was 2006 LAL vs. Celtics I asked who's #24 on LAL my dad said The best player he's ever seen since Jordan

  • Elisabeth Bennett
    Elisabeth Bennett 2 miesięcy temu +16

    ''5:55 Son unos de los Topgirls.Uno
    15:55 Sun: ''Hotter''
    15:55 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    15:55 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    15:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...''

  • Radam TV
    Radam TV Rok temu +5

    29:15 was probably the most intense moment in NBA history. Legendary shit right there :D

  • JMakahaFitz
    JMakahaFitz Rok temu +1810

    2 things I take away from this:
    1) No team has had their heart broken more than OKC
    2) Did any one ever remember that Paul Pierce played for Washington?

    • dBabu
      dBabu 3 miesięcy temu

      @kh yeah cause he had Kevin fucking Durant on his team so he’d not be with the ball as much as 2017 when he had a bunch of make a wish kids on his team

    • connecting random items on Wikipedia
      connecting random items on Wikipedia 5 miesięcy temu

      and the warriors

    • Games For Noobs
      Games For Noobs 5 miesięcy temu

      idk what this means LMAO!!!

    • Vladic Grabot
      Vladic Grabot 6 miesięcy temu

      #3 - the clippers were made for the highlight reel, but not championships

  • InkyOtter
    InkyOtter Rok temu +3

    Kawahi's shot should have been #1
    Steve Adams scores his first freethrow, calls in Westbrook to get closer, bangs his second off the rim, catch the rebound, instantly passes it PERFECTLY for Westbrook to score the 3.
    How was that not in here.

  • Charlene Grant
    Charlene Grant Miesiąc temu +25

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos TOPGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • Tanner Cannon
    Tanner Cannon 27 dni temu +1

    What’s interesting to me is that Ray Allens shot in a way isn’t as crazy as we think like it wasn’t the most crazy difficult of shots (not that it was easy), wasn’t a true buzzer beater, it didn’t even completely win the game it sent it to OT, and wasn’t even game 7 to win the series but I remember that moment and feeling well and no doubt was that the best moment of the decade!

  • Poirier's Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

    that shot kyrie hit in game 7 gives me chills every time.

  • The Special Juan
    The Special Juan 2 lat temu +516

    "Defended by Simmons"
    "Is this the dagger?"
    still gives me goosebumps to this day

    • TheSportsGuru
      TheSportsGuru 2 lat temu

      Kevin Harlan is the best announcer in pro sports, period. Countless iconic calls, including narrating a drunk guy and cat on the field to perfection.

    • The Special Juan
      The Special Juan 2 lat temu

      @Killa k

    • Killa
      Killa 2 lat temu +2

      According to the nba rule, no travel at all. In HS ya, but that was by definition not a travel :) Saying this so you don’t seem like a soccer fan in other conversations 👍

    • The Special Juan
      The Special Juan 2 lat temu

      @loftzy but the greats, get away with it, like Jordan's pushoff

    • Rayzurz
      Rayzurz 2 lat temu

      The SPECIAL JUAN which one is it

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia 5 miesięcy temu

    I feel like The Block will be that kind of moment I will be telling my grandkids that my brother and I watched live and how every time I see that play I am just as giddy and hyped.

  • Enter Nation
    Enter Nation Rok temu +2

    That Blocked by James to Igoudala was sick! Still fresh on my mind.

  • Vladanka Peric
    Vladanka Peric 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Great plays by the the best legends

  • Hermelinda Catubay
    Hermelinda Catubay 8 miesięcy temu +6

    D'ROSE was the best twohand DUNK ever 🔥🔥🔥 The Real MVP 👏👆🔥

  • David Winter
    David Winter 2 lat temu +5772

    Well, that's a lot more Blake Griffin than I was expecting

    • Michael 24
      Michael 24 9 miesięcy temu

      Blake was the most exciting player in the league for like 8 years. No surprises here.

    • Yehya Elkheir
      Yehya Elkheir 11 miesięcy temu

      And Lebron

    • 69Points
      69Points 11 miesięcy temu

      Yeah with, him kyrie dame, and luka

    • 69Points
      69Points 11 miesięcy temu

      Yeah with, him kyrie dame, and luka

  • Kevin Eimers
    Kevin Eimers Rok temu +7

    Doncic's play last night deserves a spot on this list!

  • Grooms Tailor Shop
    Grooms Tailor Shop 5 miesięcy temu

    Still love ray allen shot, i wathched that game, miami in a do or die game down by 3pts with the clock winding down. Bosh rebound pass the ball to ray allen was stepping back, splash!!. Phenomenal play. Eventually they win that NBA season final. Nice to remember. 😎.

  • Matej Kozáčik
    Matej Kozáčik 2 miesięcy temu

    Seeing DRose dunk like that again brought tear in my eye 😭

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross 9 miesięcy temu +5

    5:17 this should be higher. This is one of the best and most underrated dunks ever.

  • Max Pankau
    Max Pankau 2 lat temu +182

    I was rooting for the Spurs so hard when Ray Allen made that shot. I remember being like, "Oh, easy. Spurs got this". Then Ray Allen made the NBA's play of the decade and obliterated my heart.

    • jason moukala
      jason moukala 2 lat temu

      M Pan Because wades knees were nonexistent in that finals. Both he and bosh only averaged like 15ppg

    • Max Pankau
      Max Pankau 2 lat temu +1

      @Adam Bingham Totally agree. That dunk was legendary.

    • Adam Bingham
      Adam Bingham 2 lat temu +1

      If that was #1, then Manu's dunk on Bosh & Co. from the following Finals should have at least made the top 100!

    • LaSharkus Aldridge
      LaSharkus Aldridge 2 lat temu +2

      Born & raised here in SA, I was a junior & senior in high school '13 -' 14 so it was an incredible redemption arc to go back to back best in the west! Downtown was poppin when they won🏀🔥🏆🥇

  • Mychal Mcadoo
    Mychal Mcadoo Rok temu +17

    That extended "Ooooooh" after the Leonard shot made me want to cry WITH Embiid.

  • Man united 5
    Man united 5 8 miesięcy temu +17

    29:30 the people just watching it bounce in is comical… watched it easy 5 times just to see everyone’s reaction😂😂

  • John Angelo Perez
    John Angelo Perez 5 miesięcy temu

    71 - 2pts to lead with counter 3 pts buzzer beater
    69 - wiggins of andrew showing his things now on a regular basis.
    48 - well played.
    3 - how sports anime ends with a one episode flashback of sacrifices and friendship while the ball is bouncing in slowmo around the hoop before it finally went in. 😁

  • Vic H
    Vic H Rok temu +4

    21:25 the bench reaction has me dying 😂🤣

  • Bhupinder Jhutty
    Bhupinder Jhutty 2 lat temu +1629

    "They do have a timeout"
    "Decide not to use it"
    "Curry wayyy downtown"
    "Bangggg banggg"

    • Flo Ka
      Flo Ka 9 miesięcy temu

      @Luca Stella Two Lillard shots to win a series are def. Top 10 of all time

    • chrisz
      chrisz 9 miesięcy temu

      @Aymen Gr not playoffs its the regular game thunder vs warriors the best game of the season 2015-16

    • Aymen Gr
      Aymen Gr 9 miesięcy temu

      dodofuzzic was that in playoffs ?

    • Special Knees
      Special Knees 9 miesięcy temu

      That's the best game I've ever seen live by far. I wasn't expecting much, but I was excited my two favorite teams were playing, and that performance and shot by Curry was absolute magic.

  • xredhenx
    xredhenx 3 miesięcy temu

    The commentary on PG's 360 dunk will never not make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • LemonLime
    LemonLime Rok temu +253

    29:19 I watched that live while wearing a sixers jersey...Not the best night.

    • Zane Ragland
      Zane Ragland 6 miesięcy temu +1

      I'm form Philly, and on top of that, not a big fan of the raptors, so, yeah, I feel you.

    • Amida Buddha
      Amida Buddha 7 miesięcy temu +1

      All the best

      SICKO PEETS 8 miesięcy temu +4


  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro 5 miesięcy temu +2

    16:33 Man that was sincerly "too good" even for NBA ... 😌👏👌
    18:10 wait what?! 🤯🔥🔥🔥
    23:00 Ok so this kindda "not bad dunk" on NBA.😅
    26:31 Man I won't lie I enjoy watching a white boy dunking like it was nothing... Blake really give us hope to all the white guys of the world that some day we could get to score that way even if it was against our friends on our backyard 😂😂👏👌👌

  • Snoozey ツ
    Snoozey ツ Rok temu +30

    2:17 that shot means so much more now. RIP Black Mamba

  • D .mcfunkerdoodle
    D .mcfunkerdoodle 2 lat temu +391

    My favorite

    • Injuries
      Injuries 4 miesięcy temu

      @Chris Powers he was mad shady

    • Buzz2k
      Buzz2k 2 lat temu

      Must be dunk of the decade haha

    • TaskForceB
      TaskForceB 2 lat temu

      Brandon Knight never recovered

    • Aaron Pannell
      Aaron Pannell 2 lat temu +1

      The clippers looked like the Monstars on everyone of their jams.

  • Aardus
    Aardus 3 miesięcy temu +1


  • Graça Paixão
    Graça Paixão Rok temu

    aqui em 2021 fã do #Lakers vende esse video fantástico 🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Chris Tony
    Chris Tony Rok temu +66

    “Should the bulls foul?” “no” “ANTHONY FOR 3”

  • The Real Poody
    The Real Poody 2 miesięcy temu

    The shot by the hornets behind the half court line was probably my favorite.

  • Ateup88
    Ateup88 2 lat temu +1490

    “Igoudala to Curry”
    “Back to Igoudala”
    “Up for the layup”
    “OH, Blocked by James”

    • Lincoln Lee
      Lincoln Lee Rok temu

      @Deku 4-6

    • iThinkiManage
      iThinkiManage 2 lat temu +1

      @Deku you a warrior fan😂😂

    • Tiktok Video Compilation
      Tiktok Video Compilation 2 lat temu

      @Watson To Cooper no gsw wins because they not gonna let cavs escape

    • Watson To Cooper
      Watson To Cooper 2 lat temu

      NBA Moments maybe. Probably no because they would be up by two and then kyrie would have the three and lebron would make that free throw

  • Brian Langdon
    Brian Langdon Rok temu

    J.R. Smith's crash landing will forever be amazing 😂 dude really flew inside of a building in front of non flying humans in the public.

  • godisbollocks
    godisbollocks Rok temu +2

    One of the greatest poster dunks of all time. Dude got *owned*

  • Ward Huyskes
    Ward Huyskes 4 miesięcy temu

    I don't agree with the number one, I'd say that 5-2 were all greater, simply because ray's shot wasn't an iso play and it wasn't "planned" like that. Sure it was incredibly cluthc, but not more so than Kyrie's and Dame's full cover threes and Lbj's block.

  • Reymond Miranda
    Reymond Miranda 9 miesięcy temu +2

    Ray allen deverves number one spot! the greatest moment in NBA history!
    Correct me if im wrong..

  • man basketball
    man basketball 2 lat temu +1939

    Heroes come and go, but Legends stay forever" - Kobe
    -RIP Legend.

    • Darkne55drifter
      Darkne55drifter 2 lat temu

      You really had to remind us that he died like bruh this year is already sad enough with the corona virus and the king who died

    • Electro guy
      Electro guy 2 lat temu

      Great words 😇

    • Luke T
      Luke T 2 lat temu

      man basketball Kobe didn’t say that

  • douguette1
    douguette1 5 miesięcy temu

    Man I do not watch that much NBA and I realized I got very lucky that I have watch the 5 first plays live! The first one of Ray Allen, I was in Europe and remember waking up at 5am to watch the last quarter. I was a Spurs fan, sure got hurt but what a moment! For me Lebron's block would be first.

  • olischues
    olischues 9 miesięcy temu

    That shot by Kawhi still haunts me

  • Janky One
    Janky One 9 miesięcy temu

    Giannis had two plays this year that could be included here. The block and the oop after Holiday stole the ball.

  • Osman Mohamud
    Osman Mohamud Rok temu +326

    Commentator: Ray Allen the greatest shooter in history
    Steph Curry: Hold my chef hat

    • Benenuts
      Benenuts 9 miesięcy temu

      @Kung Ano ATBP you didn't watch the 2010 finals then
      Allen chocked harder in those finals than Curry ever did

    • Lawcid
      Lawcid 10 miesięcy temu

      @simone de vignani what if he doesn’t know the name and he is a commentator so he can say the commentator

    • simone de vignani
      simone de vignani 10 miesięcy temu

      @Lawcid just saying that he is “The commentator “

    • Lawcid
      Lawcid 10 miesięcy temu

      @simone de vignani mike breen is a commentator tho

    • simone de vignani
      simone de vignani 10 miesięcy temu

      first of all curry wasn't that much popular and good as now and secondly he isn't a "commentator", he's Mike Breen

  • deeno123abc
    deeno123abc 2 lat temu +1469

    This 100 list would be nothing without the infamous “bang” and “mama, there go that man”. 🔥👌

    • YG Thrasher
      YG Thrasher Rok temu

      Ion think you know what the word infamous means

    • Malcom Johnson
      Malcom Johnson Rok temu +2

      18:32 he made Paul Pierce look like Velma looking for her glasses

    • Kane Law
      Kane Law Rok temu

      @Paul Caldo didn’t that commentator get fired lmao

  • Doggo Woof
    Doggo Woof 10 miesięcy temu +186

    omg i read the title as “100 best playERS of the decade” so i saw lebron at 95 and panicked

  • Matias Ariel Garabello
    Matias Ariel Garabello 4 miesięcy temu

    It was obvious that number 1 was Allen. I remember it as if it had been yesterday, celebrating the new Spurs title and my dear Manu Ginobilli since I am Argentine. But at the end of the day all that was left for me was to get up from my chair and applaud such a move at a critical moment. Beautiful sport !!

  • Noah Hanser-Young
    Noah Hanser-Young 4 miesięcy temu

    That Joe Johnson play was insane I had never seen that before

  • Tae Reacts
    Tae Reacts Rok temu +1

    Ray allen had the clutch shot of his life

  • H J
    H J 2 lat temu +607

    I love how many great plays were in this 2010s

    • Igor Kovincic
      Igor Kovincic 2 lat temu

      And 2000's

    • Hj Kohler
      Hj Kohler 2 lat temu

      H J im just here to say that we share the same name.

    • Julian Hoang
      Julian Hoang 2 lat temu

      Imagine the 2020's great plays there will be lamelo making half court threes and lbj jr throwing down dunks like his father

  • ツMank
    ツMank 10 miesięcy temu

    Kyries dagger and LeBrons block in game 7 would be at the top for me when it comes to the best plays in the last decade

  • yal100
    yal100 5 miesięcy temu

    21:28 Look how shook the Nets bench was after that dunk. Never noticed that before :D

  • Aliradha Alsaidy
    Aliradha Alsaidy 3 miesięcy temu

    1 thing I take from this: D Rose was FREAKING CRAZ

  • Tyler Henry
    Tyler Henry Rok temu

    Andre igudualas pass behind the back in the air from the corner is one of the coldest passes in the history of this game.

  • Jhay Jensen
    Jhay Jensen 2 lat temu +2590

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Clippers every game: is this a dunk contest?

    • Charles
      Charles Rok temu

      “I came for the dunk contest but this will work”

    • Schwa
      Schwa Rok temu

      Watching this was a trip down memory lane to when you didn't know basketball if you didn't know lob city 😔.

    • Rob X
      Rob X Rok temu


    • Jason
      Jason Rok temu

      Had to break up lob city to reach the goal

    • Glorp
      Glorp 2 lat temu +13

      Fr I miss the lob city version of the clippers

  • Berkay TÜRKAN
    Berkay TÜRKAN 3 miesięcy temu

    That pass from Gallinari is one of the greatest assists EVER.

  • Jordan Dangerously
    Jordan Dangerously 4 miesięcy temu

    Wish I could see a prime griffin, Vince Carter, and Shawn Kemp.

  • Kikkop
    Kikkop 7 miesięcy temu

    ray allen in game 6 with spurs, as far as I remember he didn't hit any 3-pointers the whole game, ray threw a clutch like it was his instinct

  • LionHeartZ
    LionHeartZ 11 miesięcy temu

    I think the thing that makes the Kawhi game winner so unbelievable as a moment is Kawhi's reaction this is THE dude when it comes to having 0 emotions. Him and Tim Duncan always look like they thinking about browsing different shades of brown khakis while they played but to see Kawhi lose his SHIT on an improbably game winner just gives me chills

  • Julian Gonzalez ECNL
    Julian Gonzalez ECNL 2 lat temu +377

    All of the highlights and reels of Kobe on here is amazing. And now hearing that the Black Mamba has just passed away... unreal. Rest easy, #8 and #24🐐

  • godisbollocks
    godisbollocks Rok temu +12

    That's one of the plays of the decade, simply because the defender slipped and lost his footing??

  • Jelly21
    Jelly21 5 miesięcy temu

    Ray Allen well deserved number 1 play

  • John Bryan Notario

    0:52 you can see Conley wants to call timeout but Barnes took the shot and got it from halfcourt

  • dwell771
    dwell771 9 miesięcy temu

    Lol still cant get over embiids reaction to khawi's buzzer beater priceless

  • Marcusht
    Marcusht Rok temu +7

    I still don’t understand how the dude on the bench at 7:21 is celebrating so early at the half court shot it’s like he knew it was gonna go in before he even shot it

  • Myst Lyfe
    Myst Lyfe 11 miesięcy temu

    every time lebron got blocked got considered to be a best moment of the DEACADE... that says enough about him

  • Rais Schultz
    Rais Schultz Dzień temu

    At 1:57, we have a Steven Adams lob. Now, this year, we have an even better Steven Adams lob game winner.

  • Reese's Pieces
    Reese's Pieces 10 miesięcy temu

    allen's 3 was clutch but I think kawhi's shot and a few others could possibly be better, no disrespect to any heat fans

  • Stephen Lovejoy
    Stephen Lovejoy Rok temu +393

    7:20 Kings player who jumped up from the bench had INSANE confidence that shot would go in

    • Will Ballistic
      Will Ballistic Rok temu +5

      That’s Eugene Jeter. He said, in team practices, Tyreke always makes these shots. So he knew they would win when T shot the ball.

    • James Ruwe
      James Ruwe Rok temu +5

      I came looking for this comment

    • Sphinxyy
      Sphinxyy Rok temu +16

      @Jack The Ripper What you mean bro that release was n/a LMFAO

    • Jack The Ripper
      Jack The Ripper Rok temu +21

      Nah man he seen the green bar and knew it was all money

  • michael myers
    michael myers Rok temu

    also love KD's shocked face on 25:12

  • Mal Geo
    Mal Geo 2 miesięcy temu

    Hardens 3 on Jamal Murray has to be the most cold blooded moment in nba history

  • Sebastián Ramos
    Sebastián Ramos Rok temu

    Commentator:Allen the greatest 3 point shooter in playoffs and regular season of nba history
    Curry: And I took that personally

  • Gabriel Cavuquila
    Gabriel Cavuquila Rok temu +13

    I still think Kyrie shot should be number one, that’s a NBA finals game 7 game winner

    • Pablo Reyes
      Pablo Reyes 10 miesięcy temu

      number one is the right play, I'm a spurs fan, but that shot pretty much sealed that finals series. he found his shot without looking where he was standing, his eyes stayed locked to the rim, that is the most clutch shot of all time.

    • TheAnonymousBoy
      TheAnonymousBoy Rok temu

      I would agree but after watching the top 3 I think the kyrie shot is in the right place.

  • Waffleskater8
    Waffleskater8 2 lat temu +197

    The more I watch Allen’s three, the more I just say to myself, he didn’t look down at his feet once, he practiced that scenario so much that he knew where to go for the three.

    • jason moukala
      jason moukala 2 lat temu

      Sp Wie No he didn’t

    • Eazy-E M2C
      Eazy-E M2C 2 lat temu

      @Sp Wie Refs said that he didn't travel. You do know that you can take two steps after being passed the ball right. You don't have to dribble before taking two steps if the ball is passed to you.

    • Guicdyb
      Guicdyb 2 lat temu

      Brandon Ingram yes but the three point line is straight from that angle so you can tell if you’re behind it by just looking left

    • Sp Wie
      Sp Wie 2 lat temu

      he also clearly traveled, but who's counting

    • banxGalee
      banxGalee 2 lat temu +1

      he was taking a slight look to his down left to checked on the 3pt line alignment so he could predict the step back he needed to make those 3s.. but hes a natural sniper, thats his game about 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ethan Huang
    Ethan Huang Rok temu

    2 top 5 plays in the same game. The NBA honestly was a lot more fun to watch back in cavs and warriors rivalry. Just my opinion

  • Jimmy jackson Vuitton
    Jimmy jackson Vuitton 4 miesięcy temu

    Bruh.. that kawhi Leonard 3 pointer incredible shot.🤯