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Larry Bird learns about the new Larry Bird Trophy, awarded to the Eastern Conference Finals MVP 馃弳

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  • Opublikowany 11 maj 2022
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  • xsonicsparkx
    xsonicsparkx 9 dni temu +718

    "I just wish I could win one of those Magic Johnson trophies." The Bird Magic rivalry will live forever.

    • Edwin
      Edwin 7 dni temu +4

      @CoolBreeze37 cold 馃ザ

    • Big baller
      Big baller 9 dni temu +3

      @CoolBreeze37 bro

    • TonicBlaze12
      TonicBlaze12 9 dni temu +4

      @CoolBreeze37yooo 馃ぃ馃槀

    • CoolBreeze37
      CoolBreeze37 9 dni temu +22

      @Tristan Rhodes That comment tested positive. 馃槒

    • Tristan Rhodes
      Tristan Rhodes 9 dni temu +8

      and magic will always win more

  • Happy Little Accidents with Jason Avery

    To those who are saying 鈥淲hy isn鈥檛 the East Trophy named after MJ or LeBron鈥 they won so many Eastern Conference Finals鈥︹ Larry Bird and Magic Johnson SAVED the NBA. In 1979, attendance was in the toilet, most franchises were on the verge of bankrupt, NBA playoff games were being tape delayed and shown later after reruns of Gunsmoke. If Bird and Magic didn鈥檛 have their rivalry, there wouldn鈥檛 have been a 1990s MJ Bulls run or a LeBron era.

  • InsanusMaximus
    InsanusMaximus 8 dni temu +2

    I love this so much. Two guys who TRULY saved the NBA. Congratulations to them both!

  • Billy Cain
    Billy Cain 8 dni temu +6

    Bird was the greatest all-around player to ever play the game

  • MyMagicIsntGivingUp!
    MyMagicIsntGivingUp! 9 dni temu +75

    Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Rivals on the court. Friends outside the court.

    • Paul Rourke
      Paul Rourke 6 dni temu +1

      @MyMagicIsntGivingUp! Magic thought that commercial made them friends and thought they were cool. Larry wanted no part of that and snubbed him hard.

    • MyMagicIsntGivingUp!
      MyMagicIsntGivingUp! 9 dni temu +1

      @kenty mashmilo They became friends at 1985 when They both shot a commercial at Larry Bird Family house that he bought at 83 or 84.

    • kenty mashmilo
      kenty mashmilo 9 dni temu

      They are not friends back when they are still playing

    ANGIE WILLIAMS 9 dni temu +3


  • Multiple Mike
    Multiple Mike 9 dni temu +161

    I really hope that a Celtic player can lift the Larry Bird Trophy in this inaugural year. It would be so fitting.

    • Christian Galllietmo
      Christian Galllietmo 14 godzin temu +1

      @Jeff Martinez this comment didn't age too well not did it buddy LOL giannis got beat LMAO and I know you're going to respond with the traditional excuse of oh he didn't have his sidekick boo hoo hoo

    • LubeThatChair
      LubeThatChair 2 dni temu

      @Jeff Martinez oof

    • Jonathan Chen
      Jonathan Chen 3 dni temu

      @Jeff Martinez this didn鈥檛 age well

    • Amogg Venkat
      Amogg Venkat 3 dni temu

      @Jeff Martinez bruh bruh

    • jaywalkallstar
      jaywalkallstar 4 dni temu

      Got a feeling it will be Jimmy Buckets. In terms of hustle and work ethic, Butler reminds me a lot of Bird.

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 9 dni temu +8

    Dude still has mad respect for magic. 2 legends indeed!

  • Corpy Hogan
    Corpy Hogan 9 dni temu +16

    I wish they would give players/past legends these trophies on their resumes because an award of this magnitude will change rankings and basketball discussion forever

    • sedohema
      sedohema 9 dni temu

      You're a perfect example of " they give an inch, you take a mile"

    • tyrese jones
      tyrese jones 9 dni temu

      Conference finals mvp won鈥檛 add much to a debate

    • future hofer
      future hofer 9 dni temu +2

      Bill Russell never won a fmvp because the award didnt exist back then, the same thing goes for this new trophy
      Why would you want to alter history? smh

    • Jam
      Jam 9 dni temu

      Bill Russell for one

    HIAWATHA'S REVENGE 2 dni temu

    Much love to both of them. About time they were rewarded for changing the game.

  • Demetrius Hooks
    Demetrius Hooks 9 dni temu +2

    Larry is truly a LEGEND!!!!

  • First Name First Last Name Last

    I love this man! What a perfect reaction.

  • MrBLACKpony
    MrBLACKpony 9 dni temu +179

    this is awesome, can't want to see Magic's reaction

  • lexxon11
    lexxon11 9 dni temu +23

    I love Larry, brings back so many memories

  • clauditamel
    clauditamel 9 dni temu +12

    Larry Bird!!! A true legend. I would love to also watch Magic's reaction.

  • laker 4 Life
    laker 4 Life 9 dni temu +1

    Gotta love larry bird...one of the tuffest physical player that rivaled so many greats in very physical games....

  • bigleagues
    bigleagues 5 dni temu

    I feel so lucky to have found the NBA just as it was beginning. Truly amazing.

  • G.
    G. 9 dni temu +2

    馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ Larry is always hilarious

  • TheMeteorMan22
    TheMeteorMan22 6 dni temu +1

    Larry Bird was a legend on the Boston Celtics he was a great three-point shooter and a excellent passer.

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR 8 dni temu +6

    *鈥漷his is really a classic timeless moment for the league鈥 馃弳 馃弨 - MELL DUNEY 616*

  • Joshua Hamm
    Joshua Hamm 9 dni temu +54

    His response was tuff as shit 馃挭馃従

    • Blue Alvey
      Blue Alvey Dzie艅 temu +1

      He cared more about getting a dig in at Magic, than he did about the trophy being named after him. My favorite Bird story: Xavier McDaniels was injured on a Christmas day game, having to sit the game out. He was the primary defender on Bird. Larry walked by the bench before the game, seeing X still in street clothes. He said "since you're not playing, I got you a Christmas present." A few plays into the game, Larry puts up a 3, turning around while the shot was still in the air to tell X "Merry fucking Christmas" as the shot swished through.

  • Ronald Alford
    Ronald Alford 9 dni temu

    A few years ago, I thought that it would be cool if the NBA did this. Glad they made this into reality

  • JuJu Hakusho
    JuJu Hakusho 9 dni temu +70

    Imagine the Celtics win the first ever bird trophy this season lol

    • Christian Galllietmo
      Christian Galllietmo 14 godzin temu

      @Roman Figueroa I don't know about you but I'm watching the Miami heat Boston Celtics series I don't see the Milwaukee bucks no more hmm this comment aged very well don't you agree LMAO syke

    • ACE
      ACE 5 dni temu

      @Mr Mathh wrong

    • Leo Drosia
      Leo Drosia 6 dni temu

      @Mr Mathh u were off by 40 pts but better luck next time

  • dextew69
    dextew69 9 dni temu +17

    I could imagine magic rolling on the floor laughing about birds response

  • William Herman
    William Herman 9 dni temu +14

    Perfect! This is perfect. Both Men deserve this.

  • n M
    n M 8 dni temu

    So deserving -Congrats Larry and Magic!!!!

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy 8 dni temu

    Love me some Larry.. 84-86 as good as ANY all time 馃悙!
    Too bad his back gave out and robbed him of a longer prime.

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed 9 dni temu +1

    Larry Legend
    He deserves the award to be named after him.

  • David R
    David R 9 dni temu +1

    The accolades and praises Bird, Magic and Jordan never seem to end even though they have been out of the league for over 20 to 30 years. Their game really touched many people, especially the decision makers now in the media.

  • MCF 61
    MCF 61 9 dni temu

    Absolute Legend馃

  • K1prodigy
    K1prodigy 9 dni temu +172

    Larry legend

  • Stocks guy
    Stocks guy 9 dni temu +38


  • Lindsey Buchheit
    Lindsey Buchheit 6 dni temu

    Larry Legend 馃弨. Absolute stud!

  • thelegendsqb1
    thelegendsqb1 9 dni temu +16

    So I did my research of most hypothetical conference finals MVPs since 2000
    9 - LeBron James
    5 - Kobe Bryant
    4 - Steph Curry and Tim Duncan
    2 - Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Richard Hamilton, Shaquille O鈥橬eal, Jason Kidd
    1 - Khris Middleton, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Bam Adebayo, Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett, Reggie Miller

    • J. H.
      J. H. 2 dni temu +1

      @Lorenzo(鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈) I think they're referring too 2004 and 2002. There was one of the conferences finals during the chips that kobe was better. The other 3 are his finals appearances with Gasol

    • Lorenzo(鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈)
      Lorenzo(鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈) 2 dni temu +1

      no way dude got Kobe Bryant over prime Shaq three times 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃

    • J. H.
      J. H. 9 dni temu

      Which conference finals lebron would lose it to somebody else?

    • future hofer
      future hofer 9 dni temu

      also Giannis would have won in 2021 lol

    • future hofer
      future hofer 9 dni temu

      Nah Steph would have 5

  • Anthony Stubbs
    Anthony Stubbs 9 dni temu +52


  • Henderick Mitchell
    Henderick Mitchell 9 dni temu

    Very much deserved 馃憦

  • Mikey Vee
    Mikey Vee 3 dni temu

    Larry Legend, still humble

  • Marcin Gajownik
    Marcin Gajownik 9 dni temu


  • Leo Drosia
    Leo Drosia 6 dni temu

    Very deserving for both , I hope bird gets to present Tatum with the mvp trophy

  • Terrence Marshall
    Terrence Marshall 9 dni temu

    Well deserved. #Respect

    TWIZZ THE WHIZ KID 9 dni temu +2


    • Mamba Mentality
      Mamba Mentality 9 dni temu

      aye its twizz i be seeing you in battle rap comments, whats good my boy.. celtics is done though G

  • Miami Beach
    Miami Beach 9 dni temu

    Omg! I鈥檓 so happy! He deserves that Honor!!

  • JPrules
    JPrules 8 dni temu +1

    Somebody in the west, recruit Larry Bird. He could do it!馃槈

  • G STAR
    G STAR 8 dni temu

    Such a legend

  • GET HOT with Shannon Nadj

    I wish they would give players/past legends these trophies on their resumes because an award of this magnitude will change rankings and basketball discussion forever

    • J. H.
      J. H. 9 dni temu

      enh, tbh are these really needed? It's nice and all, but it's not the real prize. Championship and finals mvp for the playoffs. MVP for the regular season. What good does it do to add another award in the mix?

  • Randy Butler
    Randy Butler 9 dni temu

    Man!!! It's about time...waaaay over due!! Give these 2 their respect and just due!!!

    • sedohema
      sedohema 9 dni temu

      Everyone and everybody gives those 2 their respect. Have you been living in a cave?

  • Chris Abell
    Chris Abell 5 dni temu

    Luv LARRY LEGEND !!!!

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro 4 dni temu


  • Sabrum Baker
    Sabrum Baker 9 dni temu +2

    Ol Man Larry Legend seems like a fun guy 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez 9 dni temu

    I HATE the Celtics but I respect what Bird did for the game. Him and Magic saved the NBA and helped make it what it is today.

  • 釡冡湐
    釡冡湐 9 dni temu +1

    Congratulations Legend 馃憦馃榿

  • Elizabeth Bunnell
    Elizabeth Bunnell 9 dni temu +10

    What a 鈥淩EAL鈥 Gentleman!!馃槉馃尮鉂わ笍

  • Michael Cassell
    Michael Cassell 9 dni temu

    Larry Legend! 鈽橈笍

  • Annette Brokke
    Annette Brokke 3 dni temu

    I think it's fantastic to think, of Larry Bird. awesome .Congratulations.

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    this is awesome, can't want to see Magic's reaction

  • ADozenLoafsOfBread
    ADozenLoafsOfBread 9 dni temu +17

    larry the legend

  • Gemma Sareno
    Gemma Sareno 9 dni temu

    Larry Bird is the greatest!!!

  • Anthony Stubbs
    Anthony Stubbs 9 dni temu +2


  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 5 dni temu

    Couldn't have scripted it better... especially what Larry said about the Magic trophy 馃槀

  • Sean Sartor
    Sean Sartor 8 dni temu

    As a '6er fan, I hated this dude, however I had to respect his game. 6ers and Celtics was Must See TV back in the day.
    Congrats to my mortal enemies Larry Bird & Magic Johnson 馃ぃ

  • Jedaiah Israel
    Jedaiah Israel 8 dni temu

    Respect to the greats

  • saz19s8
    saz19s8 8 dni temu

    Larry and Magic鈥檚 friendship is so wholesome

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 4 dni temu

    I鈥檓 about to be very upset now we got Larry Bird and Magic Johnson East Conference and West Conference MVP. We got Kobe All Start and Bill Russell award please add if I miss any but my question is where is the Michael Jordan trophy馃え!?

  • Hookie Batiste
    Hookie Batiste 8 dni temu

    Outstanding, Bird and Majic forever together.Bird 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo 9 dni temu

    If I was player I would want to win a Larry Bird Trophy and then go win The Magic Johnson Trophy. 馃挴

  • Neil Nuqui
    Neil Nuqui 8 dni temu

    still at it very nice ..larry legend

  • est84inc
    est84inc 9 dni temu +1

    still thinking like an active player lol #LarryLegend

  • TME Records
    TME Records 9 dni temu

    Larry Legend!

  • AllBall357
    AllBall357 9 dni temu

    馃弨Larry Legend馃弨

  • Alonzo R
    Alonzo R 9 dni temu +18

    What a G! 馃槀馃槀

  • jsong21
    jsong21 5 dni temu

    Love me some larry legend

  • bigleagues
    bigleagues 5 dni temu

    This is a very good thing the NBA has done.

  • Allen Ruz
    Allen Ruz 9 dni temu

    Petition to make the 3 point contest Trophy to be the Steph Curry trophy, the dunk contest trophy to be the Vince Carter Trophy.

  • Yoshiki.G
    Yoshiki.G 9 dni temu

    #1 SF alongside Lebron of all time.

  • Zeeko
    Zeeko 9 dni temu

    Best all around shooter ever

  • Bryce Sattler
    Bryce Sattler 9 dni temu


    Ri0T MANIAC 9 dni temu +1

    We need you for game 6 and 7鈥

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 9 dni temu

    Larry Legend

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 7 dni temu

    The Bill Russell Trophy should be renamed the Michael Jordan Trophy. Jordan won 6 Finals MVPs. Russell never did. He could have in 1969, but West had a better series even though Boston won that yr. Plus, Jordan never lost in the Finals. Russell did.

  • blazekaizer9000
    blazekaizer9000 8 dni temu

    Larry Legend

  • dbzfan4ever mj23
    dbzfan4ever mj23 9 dni temu +1

    Larry legend

  • ACS deportes
    ACS deportes  6 dni temu

    Magic Johnson trophy 馃弳 is a very positive award

  • Juan Sebastian Raad Meza

    Imagine a lakers player winning the first magic Johnson trophy in history
    Oh wait鈥

  • someparts
    someparts 9 dni temu

    You guys too young to see live 80s basketball missed something really special.

  • Benjamin Birch
    Benjamin Birch 9 dni temu

    Larry legend

  • Sonia鈥檚 Way
    Sonia鈥檚 Way 9 dni temu

    Larry legend

  • Ozzy Morrison
    Ozzy Morrison 5 dni temu

    馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ that was hilarious

  • Do Boi
    Do Boi 9 dni temu +1


  • josh the sweat
    josh the sweat 9 dni temu

    This is so wholesome 馃槶鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • blackprix
    blackprix 7 dni temu

    Rightfully so they should be named by those two players they save the NBA they should have your name up in posterity

  • Michael Sevilla
    Michael Sevilla 5 dni temu

    jason tatum is gonna win that bird mvp trophy for sure

  • CallMeMobile
    CallMeMobile 9 dni temu

    imagine if a 76ers player won that award

  • Karl Cambridge
    Karl Cambridge 2 dni temu

    I'll put the bird & jordan against any 2 of the top players in the league today

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 9 dni temu +2

    I still remember that Tomato that looks like post-prime Larry Bird 馃崊 鈽橈笍 馃挴

  • James (NBA since '94)
    James (NBA since '94) 9 dni temu +2

    There should be one named after Jordan 馃弨馃嚞馃嚙

    • Paul Rourke
      Paul Rourke 6 dni temu

      Jordan is so far above and beyond any player that will ever come before or after him. He shouldn't have a trophy named after him because no other player will ever deserve to be compared to him or mentioned in the same sentence.

    • fp9623
      fp9623 9 dni temu +2

      Yeah, I don't understand why the league hasn't done that yet, Jordan has literally made the NBA famous in every place you can think of on this planet. I guess that speaks for itself though, no need for awards

  • y.reuven
    y.reuven 9 dni temu +2

    Goat Larry 鈽橈笍

  • Akee_22
    Akee_22 9 dni temu +1

    Lebron would've had 10 of them

  • Don S. MDT
    Don S. MDT 7 dni temu

    someone sign this man
    would be better than westbrick

  • JT
    JT 9 dni temu +8

    Then they should also name all the previous recipients of those Conference Finals MVP awards.

    • Terry .C
      Terry .C 9 dni temu

      @remorse nice pfp

    • remorse
      remorse 9 dni temu

      @sedohema Ong 馃拃

    • sedohema
      sedohema 9 dni temu +5

      You're the perfect example of "they give an inch, you take a mile"