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NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | May 9, 2022

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  • Opublikowany 8 maj 2022
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  • Ted Andrews
    Ted Andrews 11 dni temu +52

    Do a Top 10! From the MIlL/BOS game alone you’ve got Tatum scoop, Jrue no look alley, Lopez rejection on Theis, Gianni’s dunk on Jaylen, Giannis flip layup, etc.

  • Nefer Pitou
    Nefer Pitou 12 dni temu +124

    Ok so let me get this straight, Jackson's block on Poole in the 2nd quarter made it but Green's dagger block on Jackson didn't?

    • veryslyfox
      veryslyfox 11 dni temu

      Green fouled Jackson and got away with it.

    • Kevin Durant
      Kevin Durant 11 dni temu

      @Enigmatic Gale BLOCK BY DRAYMOND GREEN!

    • Nefer Pitou
      Nefer Pitou 11 dni temu

      @Enigmatic Gale I mean i guess, still a good contest by Green tho.

    • Enigmatic Gale
      Enigmatic Gale 12 dni temu

      @Nefer Pitou Nah.. I watched it. It's an airball. Draymond lucky that ref didn't call foul. And I think Jackson took that shot thinking he could go to free throw line for 3 ft's after Draymond's contact but didn't get called.

  • D.M.E S
    D.M.E S 12 dni temu +134

    A dunk on Giannis should always be #1 NBA!

    • Pinoy Pride
      Pinoy Pride 11 dni temu

      King Kai Sotto can dunk on and block Giannis easily

    • Mot Aoia
      Mot Aoia 11 dni temu


    • owen
      owen 11 dni temu

      @dukeFarsight yeah ok. Not like Giannis does that every minute??? And it never gets called lmfao

    • Paulo Static
      Paulo Static 11 dni temu +4

      @dukeFarsight You mean the same thing Giannis did to Tatum in game 3 but was a regular foul?

    • Dom
      Dom 11 dni temu +5

      Ik bro that dunk was so fire I was so hyped after that slam on Giannis

  • Space god
    Space god 12 dni temu +103

    Top play should be Tatum's scoop lay up, that was sick.

    • Mot Aoia
      Mot Aoia 11 dni temu


    • Un-Taim Music
      Un-Taim Music 11 dni temu +2

      was wondering the same thing

    • Cee Kin
      Cee Kin 11 dni temu +6

      Noooo. My guy it was Al with that STUFFF

    • derrick gooden
      derrick gooden 11 dni temu +5

      Should of been an And 1.

  • Airnesto Entertainment
    Airnesto Entertainment 11 dni temu +4

    The nba looks more now like the golden era of the 90s! I like that! More dunks!

  • Will Lynn Phyoe
    Will Lynn Phyoe 12 dni temu +23

    Draymond block on Jackson should be on top 5 plays of the night...

    • Hai Voai
      Hai Voai 12 dni temu


    • Dr Fumbles
      Dr Fumbles 12 dni temu +1

      It was a good block but a terrible shot selection from Jackson. I say that as a warriors fan

  • -[ S O F F Y] 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With

    Do a Top 10! From the MIlL/BOS game alone you’ve got Tatum scoop, Jrue no look alley, Lopez rejection on Theis, Gianni’s dunk on Jaylen, Giannis flip layup, etc.

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    Do a Top 10! From the MIlL/BOS game alone you’ve got Tatum scoop, Jrue no look alley, Lopez rejection on Theis, Gianni’s dunk on Jaylen, Giannis flip layup, etc.

  • sepacamp
    sepacamp 12 dni temu +8

    Top play should be Horford's dunk! WTF?!

  • Dwyane Curry
    Dwyane Curry 12 dni temu +20

    NBA really hates clutch defensive plays

  • raaz ningthoujam
    raaz ningthoujam 12 dni temu +32

    Not a single play from the Warriors that's how they was tonight. Nevertheless a big W.

    • Hai Voai
      Hai Voai 12 dni temu


    • FrooBroo
      FrooBroo 12 dni temu +6

      but ngl, that block from draymond was pretty clutch. may have deserved to be somewhere in the top plays

  • optibotimus
    optibotimus 12 dni temu +27

    horford took that personally and dunks on giannis

  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You ONN

    Ok so let me get this straight, Jackson's block on Poole in the 2nd quarter made it but Green's dagger block on Jackson didn't?

    ABMNS PRODUCTION 12 dni temu +28

    Horford literally hit Giannis in the face lol

    • D.Rock222
      D.Rock222 11 dni temu

      Lol Giannis elbowed at least two guys in the game in the face and no calls. Al was called for the technical for the hit, so whats your point?

    • Teddi Kane
      Teddi Kane 11 dni temu

      @David Manu elbow didn't even touch his face. Stop the bs.

    • Contato
      Contato 11 dni temu +1

      The amount of guys this series I've seen go down holding their face after Giannis slams into them is insane. Karma's a bitch

    • home9dog2blue
      home9dog2blue 11 dni temu

      For SOME ODD ASS REASON that shit aint illegal. Like the ball handler ALWAYS gets the benefit of the doubt: Kibe elbowed somebody in the jaw on Boston in the finals....no call, Lebron slapped THE SHIT outta somebody (i think his name was Damon Jones or something) on the heat when he was in Cleveland the first go-round and i believe this was one of those "masked LeBron" games but anyway he went up SLAPPED ol dude in the face and they gave LeBron the and one the same with Kawhi when he slapped tf outta Mike Miller in the finals and the called a foul...ON MIKE MILLER,

  • FATTED 300
    FATTED 300 11 dni temu +7

    Please explain why we didn’t get a Top 10. Any NBA game has enough skilled highlights to make a Top 10. This night we had two games. Make it happen going forward. Thanks!

    • Chisom
      Chisom 11 dni temu

      Fr it’s not that serious man

    • Jaxon Britton
      Jaxon Britton 11 dni temu +1

      No one cares bro. If you want a top 10 so bad then go and make one

  • XXXTENTACION word edit
    XXXTENTACION word edit 12 dni temu +3

    This clips always make my day 💪🏽❤️

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X 11 dni temu

    Top play should be Tatum's scoop lay up, that was sick.

  • Tomas Vasquez
    Tomas Vasquez 11 dni temu +3

    How you not gonna Tatum’s scoop shot in the top five?

  • Ifaly Faly
    Ifaly Faly 12 dni temu +7

    top 5:Green clutch blocks

  • Damien Christian
    Damien Christian 12 dni temu +1

    Up 93-92, Dillon Brooks took the worst shot of the game. He had been tossing acme bricks basically the whole game anyway. GS was building momentum. Grizz have the ball and Brooks takes a unnecessary 3 and as soon as he did I looked at my wife and said they would lose the game. If he drives and hits a layup, they are up 95-92 and GS would be pressured to make a shot. But nope, he tossed up that brick, GS gets the rebound and Steph gets fouled on the play...makes both free throws...now Grizz down 93-94. The NBA is so 3 dependent nowadays that guys would rather take a bad 3 over a good 2.

  • Valerii Sedin
    Valerii Sedin 12 dni temu +4

    For me Al is #1 tonight.

  • Sarrah- 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 💗

    A dunk on Giannis should always be #1 NBA!

  • ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘

    A dunk on Giannis should always be #1 NBA!

  • Mason T
    Mason T 12 dni temu +5

    Amazing plays!!

  • PJ
    PJ 12 dni temu +14

    Right...so Tatum's circus shot isn't up there and also i'd put draymond's clutch block instead of Jackson's one easily

    • Mot Aoia
      Mot Aoia 11 dni temu


    • Hai Voai
      Hai Voai 12 dni temu


    • Enigmatic Gale
      Enigmatic Gale 12 dni temu

      @Cruxford I am also a warrior fan... But that block could've been a foul as draymond hit the hand first.. But got away with it.

    • Cruxford
      Cruxford 12 dni temu

      @Enigmatic Gale but why did the nba made a video about it

  • cory stevenson
    cory stevenson 10 dni temu +1

    The #AlHorford dunk over #TheGreekFreak was worse because it was an and1 smfh lmao !!! Plus Giannis fell all to the floor while Horford was flexing and screaming ahaha that shit looked really crazy in real time son lmao 😭😂 Gotta love #playoffbasketball right !?!? 😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾💯💯💯

  • miSta Dane
    miSta Dane 12 dni temu +2

    I definitely could've gave yall 10 plays of the night.... how'd the Grizzlies get the #1 and they lost 🤔... That foul Tatum didn't get should've been up there along with that other dunk Giannis had...ijs 🤷🏾‍♂️... and Draymonds block tho 🤔...nah, I can't get jiggy wit dis son

  • mont mont
    mont mont 11 dni temu +1

    Love it the al Harford dunk yess that's a fkn facial

  • Karell Tulod
    Karell Tulod 11 dni temu +1

    I love NBA I love Basketball 2022

  • Zimri Johnson
    Zimri Johnson 11 dni temu

    That charge that smart took should be on the top plays.

  • Raymond Chan
    Raymond Chan 10 dni temu

    They finally got him a good mic!

  • Nick Briggs
    Nick Briggs 11 dni temu

    Missing Tatum’s flip bank shot

    NBA FREE PICKS 2022 11 dni temu

    Nba picks and predictions today 💯

  • small wave surfer
    small wave surfer 12 dni temu +3

    Go the WARRIORS!!!!!!

    JTO EXTERNAL 12 dni temu +1

    Giannis received what he gives.

  • The Last Alpha
    The Last Alpha 12 dni temu +3

    He literally made Giannis a screensaver 💀

  • ThatOld Guy508
    ThatOld Guy508 11 dni temu +1

    #2 should be #1. And #1 should be #5

  • Cathy Thomas
    Cathy Thomas 12 dni temu

    Bangin Bane & Jumpin Jackson made the top 5 ..bring d energy 2 gm 5

  • 정기
    정기 12 dni temu +2

    Horford’s dunk should be TOP1 !!
    It was after Giannis’ dirty talk

  • BreadMy Circuses
    BreadMy Circuses 12 dni temu

    CRISS MILES braying us his best DONKEY VOICE top10 as usual..."BRAY MY NAME BRAY MY NAME!!!"

  • Solomon Hii
    Solomon Hii 12 dni temu +11

    where is Draymond Green clutch block???

  • michael knowles
    michael knowles 12 dni temu +5

    where is tatum circus shot why not top 10 plays

  • Rachel Carson
    Rachel Carson 11 dni temu

    "We got money for wars, but can't feed the poor"
    - Tupac

  • Theryo2007 Plays!
    Theryo2007 Plays! 11 dni temu

    Disgracing Steph's stepback 3.

  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue 11 dni temu

    Wowww Horford with the UNO Reverse card on Giannis

  • Eng. John Mwangi
    Eng. John Mwangi 12 dni temu +1

    How did Dreymond Green's Rejection Not Even Make Up top 5 plays yet it made the Warriors have a crucial possession to win the Game??!!

    • ivan
      ivan 12 dni temu

      We do dunks here sir

  • kevin george
    kevin george 11 dni temu

    Warriors had one of the baddest days and aren’t featured in this list at all but still they won LOL

  • Karl Perez
    Karl Perez 11 dni temu

    GS is really good at closing games.

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen 11 dni temu

    I'm pretty sure there are more than top 5 plays.. like Tatum awkward layup, or Drymond block.... come on

  • Lakers In 5
    Lakers In 5 11 dni temu +1

    Al should've been number 1

    KASUROT TV 11 dni temu

    Finals More exiting

  • Aaron James Baligod
    Aaron James Baligod 12 dni temu

    Nah. Al's Dunk should've been number 1. NBA is bias with Giannis. SMH

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 11 dni temu

    Beau Estes (aka GOATMentator which for me is not) needs to be fired from Turner Sports and Time Warner Company for not including Rudy Gobert's game-saving block in Game 1 of the Jazz-Clippers series in the Top 5 Plays. Don't @ me. Those who attempt to do so will be mute.

  • playapatna popi
    playapatna popi 11 dni temu

    Horford whooped giannis ass otw down from that dunk

  • Jblaze
    Jblaze 11 dni temu

    Block by draymond not in the top plays?

  • Mike J.
    Mike J. 12 dni temu +2

    Grizzlies are frauds. Warriors did everything to give this game away and still got the W lol

    • Mike J.
      Mike J. 12 dni temu

      @morality2020 child please... Ja played in game 3 and got blown out by 30 points lol

    • morality2020
      morality2020 12 dni temu

      Missing their best player, stop it!

  • Green Tv
    Green Tv 11 dni temu +1

    Bane Should Have Shot A Free Throw

  • Kyrie Earving Johnson
    Kyrie Earving Johnson 12 dni temu +5

    Did he say “poo party” at #5? 💩

  • アンパンマン
    アンパンマン 12 dni temu +2

    Where is green clutch block ??

  • Jake Logan
    Jake Logan 11 dni temu

    NBA clearly don't want the warriors, where tf is draymond's block?

  • Joshua Dave Dingle
    Joshua Dave Dingle 12 dni temu +2

    Draymond block? Lmao

  • Guy Prieto
    Guy Prieto 12 dni temu

    Giannis looked like those wwf games on N64 when they would get KOed by a clothesline.

    GVSRCD 12 dni temu

    DESMOND BANE 🌟🧿🔥 .

  • Alexandra megan Co
    Alexandra megan Co 11 dni temu

    No highlights from the Warriors but who cares the W is more important.

  • Rocco B 123
    Rocco B 123 11 dni temu

    Draymond game winning block?

  • Thato Mokhele
    Thato Mokhele 12 dni temu

    Al Horford from the streets...

  • Martin Kent
    Martin Kent 12 dni temu

    Where’s Tatum circuit shot??

  • D.Rock222
    D.Rock222 11 dni temu

    Cmon, don't give me a third quarter buzzer beater as the No. 1 play lol.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 11 dni temu

    “On this facial on the greek freak”

  • Cee Kin
    Cee Kin 11 dni temu


  • Ezhon Dave
    Ezhon Dave 12 dni temu

    What a list😆

  • Hussin Abousaria
    Hussin Abousaria 12 dni temu +1

    Theres like 10 highlights each match up today and ya'll got only 5?

  • DragonXR
    DragonXR 11 dni temu

    Draymond game winner block??

  • Mamba
    Mamba 12 dni temu

    거만함이 미덕인줄 아네

  • Miodrag Stankovic
    Miodrag Stankovic 11 dni temu

    Why isn't Horford no1?

  • Nate Need
    Nate Need 11 dni temu +1

    I need my goatmentator

  • Andy Cohen
    Andy Cohen 12 dni temu

    Great plays but can this guy shut up with the awful puns

  • johnlinks
    johnlinks 11 dni temu

    i'm sorry. who cares about a buzzer beater at the half. Horford robbed of #1

  • ‘Quis. J ⚡️
    ‘Quis. J ⚡️ 11 dni temu

    This top 5/10s be trash I’m ngl

  • タンパク質を摂れ

    it's May now

  • Maki
    Maki 12 dni temu

    Absolutely no context

  • Pinoy Pride
    Pinoy Pride 11 dni temu

    King Kai Sotto is way better than Giannis and Joel Embiid

  • Jon Rodriguez
    Jon Rodriguez 12 dni temu +1

    Giannis has no aim, so he always has to resort to dunks. His playstyle is dirty, a bit cheat. It's about aiming at the rim, not going out to tackle players

  • Rome Madriano
    Rome Madriano 11 dni temu

    What 1?

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 12 dni temu

    Horford REMEMBER for game 5.... WE HAVE ANTETOKOUMPO, YOU DON'T !

  • salvador ortiz
    salvador ortiz 11 dni temu

    Horford dunk on Giannis don’t belong on the top 5 plays, the reason why it’s even made the top 5 play is because of the fall to the floor, if you watch the play you see the ball in the basket before Giannis hits horford

  • Howard Mann
    Howard Mann 12 dni temu

    Iraqi dinar revaluation

  • elay shtevi
    elay shtevi 12 dni temu


  • Gian Mateum
    Gian Mateum 12 dni temu


  • joachim Santos
    joachim Santos 12 dni temu

    Hi Chris Miles

  • 김형수
    김형수 11 dni temu