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  • Opublikowany 20 lis 2012
  • Take a look at the Special Christmas Day jerseys that your favorite NBA Superstars will be wearing on December 25th.
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    BEIDOU VIRUS 6 lat temu +9362

    Howard: 31 dribbles
    Anthony: 31 dribbles
    Johnson: 26 dribbles
    Westbrook: 33 dribbles
    Wade: 7 dribbles, 9 ball tosses
    Wade tossed the ball more than he dribbled it.
    *Warm-up dribbles are counted, double pounds count as 2 dribbles

    • antb
      antb 4 dni temu

      @Andy Koz damn u really take him counting all of those dribbles as a offensive comment u got problems if u really think about it lol

    • The Dreamer
      The Dreamer 4 dni temu

      @Andy Koz you got issues if you think 5 times is that many

    • Speton Madek
      Speton Madek 7 dni temu

      @crusade you say this yet replied to a 6 year old comment

    • Off The Rim
      Off The Rim 7 dni temu +1

      Ofc Russ had the most dribbles

    • Bigbagofgamer
      Bigbagofgamer 7 dni temu

      @Andy Koz you got problems

  • merio
    merio 5 lat temu +5886

    why they dont come up with stuff like this anymore?

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Edward Cui
      Edward Cui Rok temu +1

      Because the woke snowflakes are trying to cancel christmas

    • Killer Crocs
      Killer Crocs Rok temu

      The refs ruined it

    • Elijah Jirah
      Elijah Jirah Rok temu


  • Jordi Kijk In De Vegte
    Jordi Kijk In De Vegte 7 lat temu +2827

    D wade might not have the a lot of dribbles but he got more rings than the others combined.

  • Xarmulous
    Xarmulous 7 lat temu +12048

    Way to contribute Wade...

  • Dave Dungo
    Dave Dungo 2 lat temu +1936

    Almost 8 yrs later (edited)
    RW: now a Los Angeles Laker
    Joe Johnson: from Big 3 MVP to Boston Celtic
    DH12: Los Angeles Laker (3rd stint), 2020 NBA Champion
    Melo: now a Los Angeles Laker
    Wade: retired
    how fast time goes....

    • K.J Westbrook
      K.J Westbrook 9 dni temu

      @Sky aged like the hurricane

    • LeonJurae
      LeonJurae 4 miesięcy temu

      Joe Johnson now on the Celtics

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu +1

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Lhype
      Lhype 9 miesięcy temu


    • Dave Dungo
      Dave Dungo 9 miesięcy temu

      @koven thank you

  • ElFassiTV
    ElFassiTV 8 lat temu +1208

    Dwight Howard, C: 28 dribbles
    Carmelo Anthony, F: 28 dribbles
    Joe Johnson, F: 23 dribbles
    Russell Westbrook, G: 21 dribbles
    Dwyane Wade, G: 7 dribbles
    Something is wrong here.

    • DarkerYT
      DarkerYT 11 dni temu

      No, it’s 31 for Dwight, 31 for MELO, 26 for joe, 33 for brick, and 7 for wade

    • John Xina
      John Xina 12 dni temu

      Any way fun fact: wade had more rings than all of them combined

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu +1

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Artur Arouck
      Artur Arouck Rok temu +1

      Dwight Howard, C: 1 ring
      Carmelo Anthony, F: 0 rings
      Joe Johnson, F: 0 rings
      Russell Westbrook, G: 0 rings
      Dwyane Wade, G: 3 rings

    • roccus
      roccus 4 lat temu +1

      Russel dribbled 33

  • Jerome Johnson👨🏿👨🏿

    Rumor has it that melo hasnt given the balls back

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Peke Cellphone
      Peke Cellphone 10 miesięcy temu +1

      @Caleb Rivera damn thats 4 yrs ago but still funny wth 😂🤣😂😂👍

    • Vedant Patel
      Vedant Patel Rok temu +1


    • John Nixon III
      John Nixon III Rok temu +1


    • Maurice Johnson
      Maurice Johnson 3 lat temu +5

      Dont Do Drugs. Do Hugs 💀💀💀

  • Ronny Franklin
    Ronny Franklin 7 lat temu +96

    Each player was filmed separately with cues made off camera to match with the song's rhythm then digitally spliced in together with all the players.

    • BlitzFire
      BlitzFire 3 dni temu

      @Mike King i think melo dribbled the ball behind wade, i think

    • Mike King
      Mike King 7 lat temu +12

      @Aaron Francis yeah like at 0:17 i was going to say how did they both dribble in the same spot

    • uziman55
      uziman55 7 lat temu +40

      @Aaron Francis Thanks for taking all the fun out of the whole thing.

  • JonTheDon
    JonTheDon 8 lat temu +118

    This one is much better than this year's commercial...

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Da.Real.O.G
      Da.Real.O.G 8 lat temu +10

      @Gray Allison but the sound and the song in this one is better, it sounds more fluen, plus they added that short beat at the end of this one.

    • gray
      gray 8 lat temu +51

      not really because they are shooting and that is harder

  • Doole 031
    Doole 031 7 lat temu +74

    Howard: 32
    Anthony: 31
    Johnson: 29
    Westbrook: 33
    Wade: 7
    You're Welcome.

  • ii_strangerxxthings
    ii_strangerxxthings 8 dni temu +4

    Wade is me in a group project 💀

  • Caleb Lee
    Caleb Lee 8 lat temu +56

    Dwight : 28 dribbles
    Carmelo : 26 dribbles
    Joe : 22
    Westbrook :24
    Dwayne : 7

  • Rafael Rodrigues
    Rafael Rodrigues Rok temu +1

    Muito top mano, criativo de mais man, isso ss é o q eu chamo de NBA.

  • nbalive2408
    nbalive2408 Rok temu +19

    NBA need to bring back Christmas day uniforms

  • Luis Velez
    Luis Velez Rok temu +1

    Dwight is one of my favorite Lakers but damn I was suprised he didn't lose the ball the whole time he was dribbling 😂😂😂

  • Jos Jos
    Jos Jos 9 dni temu +2

    Who else misses the old nba Christmas adverts?

  • Jelly21
    Jelly21 4 miesięcy temu +3

    Bring it back 🔥Christmas jerseys were fire

  • LiquidCheez
    LiquidCheez Rok temu +2

    Bruh I remember this commercial when I was younger the nostalgia is real

  • rn
    rn 8 lat temu +8

    They could put out the Big Color jerseys again for Christmas Day Games and it would still be as fresh as it was last year

  • Certified._nate
    Certified._nate Rok temu +4

    I could tell westbrook was felling it🏀🔥😎

  • Isabella Cunningham
    Isabella Cunningham Miesiąc temu +6

    1.Hermosa eleccion Kissss.Uno de mejor ❤️
    2. elecciones 9.5/10
    3. culturales )l 9.3/10
    ''Son unos de los mejores conciertos''.

  • Ickballgaming
    Ickballgaming Rok temu

    I wish we had more of these nowadays

  • Troy Chris Carretas
    Troy Chris Carretas 2 dni temu

    Appreciate Dwight Howard dribbling and is a Big Man :)

  • Ace Solomon
    Ace Solomon Rok temu

    Bringing Dwight Coward back to the Lakers was a slap to the face 😤💯

  • TheSmerfman47
    TheSmerfman47 8 lat temu

    i love dwayne wades effort

  • Bernice Simpson
    Bernice Simpson 5 miesięcy temu +105

    Gaze: ''Amazed''
    Lips: ''Sensual''
    Smile: ''Sweeter''
    Body: ''Colder''
    Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.​
    Köz karaş: ''Taŋ kaldım''
    Erinder: ''Sezimdüü''
    Jılmayuu: ''Tattuuraak''
    Dene: ''Muzdak''
    Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis.​
    Aç köz arstan
    Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon.
    Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ''Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt'' dep oylodu arstan.
    Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.0

  • BGY Mix
    BGY Mix Rok temu +1

    These commercials were amazing.

  • Asap Daddie
    Asap Daddie 8 lat temu +2

    This is the most effort i saw dwight put into anything all last year

  • jessica crosby
    jessica crosby 9 lat temu +53

    Christmas Day was awesome this year, I finally got to watch all five games in the warmth and comfort of my own home, no rushing around or anything. I LOVED IT! Got to see some good games and some beatdowns. The best part about Christmas is you always know at least one game is probably gonna be a classic. Oh wait, no the best part was the Celtics kicking some ass!

  • Jalyn Martin
    Jalyn Martin Rok temu +1

    I remember when the nba used to make vids like this

  • VinBones
    VinBones 6 lat temu +200

    Lmao wade bounced the ball 6 times

  • Bryce Paytes
    Bryce Paytes 5 lat temu +661

    This is obviously fake. Dwight Howard can't dribble. 😂😂

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • Jamirimaj
      Jamirimaj Rok temu +1

      he'll break your ankle... and more

    • Alexie Cierra
      Alexie Cierra Rok temu +1

      Dwight Howard can do the dribbling drill.

    • Kill Secured
      Kill Secured Rok temu +1

      Now hes a NBA champ now.

    • noel
      noel Rok temu +2

      Well he can shoot threes now

  • niceu
    niceu 2 lat temu +8

    When d wade went low, i was expecting him to do some weird 6 dribbles in 1 sec but he actually did 1 dribble in 6 secs.

  • Sherwin Poh
    Sherwin Poh Rok temu

    The way wade got low like he was about to bust a dribble combo out just to do 2 dribbles for the next minute 😂😂

  • No Days Off
    No Days Off 8 lat temu +13

    This is better than the one we have now

  • EPizzle
    EPizzle 8 lat temu +3

    Damn Wade's really showcasing those dribbling skills!

  • Dareal Steppa
    Dareal Steppa Rok temu +3

    Dwayne was just there for support 😂😂

  • Crystal P. Willingham
    Crystal P. Willingham 9 lat temu +8

    This was very very hard to accomplish... very precise and well thought out LOVE IT

  • BJ Laurie
    BJ Laurie Rok temu

    Somehow I got this in my homepage years later. NBA you have to do more of these again!

  • LukEatStuff
    LukEatStuff Rok temu +15

    Wade: the person that dose nothing in the group project a still gets an A+

    • Doorknob Slayer
      Doorknob Slayer 10 miesięcy temu

      He's the guy that presents the project because he's popular

  • Gerard Perez
    Gerard Perez 8 lat temu

    Lol at Dwight starting to feel it at 0:06

  • ❤️Dashunia❤️

    Это просто невероятно!!!👍👍👍

  • Jœ Mæ Mæ
    Jœ Mæ Mæ Rok temu

    You you also didn’t notice that they all stack up perfectly from shortest to tallest right to left

  • SuperStarMarioIsCool & GeometryDashGustavoRocks2K6

    So cool!!! Like the rhythm of how it continues!!!

  • untitled project
    untitled project 3 lat temu +1

    Where they are now
    Howard: Injuries
    Anthony: Probably now retired
    Johnson: Retired
    Westbrook: Has had a triple double for the past 3 years and is still an all-star
    Wade: Retired

  • TheWwecrazyfans
    TheWwecrazyfans 5 lat temu +8

    wade with 7 dribbles. including 2 from the double dribble at the end

  • Veritas
    Veritas 6 lat temu

    Interesting the players they chose. It would make sense why they took Westbrook instead of Durant, Wade instead of LeBron if it was that they were going for guards only (since it's dribbling) but then why would they have Dwight and Melo out there? Joe Johnson I guess would be a guard rather than a forward, so that makes sense I guess, but still.

  • bolog
    bolog 6 lat temu +181

    what will they come up with this year

  • Uzi
    Uzi 8 lat temu +4647

    LeBron travelled

    • Teey Tyr
      Teey Tyr 7 miesięcy temu

      hi i just wanted you to get this notification. lol

    • duael
      duael 10 miesięcy temu

      very funni :D (not joking this caught me off guard)

    • Highlight Films
      Highlight Films Rok temu

      @Alaafia 😂😂

    • Alaafia
      Alaafia Rok temu

      @Highlight Films Clearly a travel wym?

    • Highlight Films
      Highlight Films Rok temu

      ??? Tf he wasnt even there

  • chisomdastriker_
    chisomdastriker_ 7 miesięcy temu

    Dwight:31 dribbles
    Carmelo: 31 dribbles
    Joe:26 dribbles
    Russell:33 dribbles
    Dwyane:6 dribbles

  • GatorxGaming
    GatorxGaming 9 lat temu +8

    One of the dopest NBA commercial ideas ever! Absolutely genius!

  • Kenny Nakawaki
    Kenny Nakawaki 3 lat temu

    Man! They really made Wade look really small in this video LOL Both his role and height!

  • Rob Liberachi
    Rob Liberachi 8 lat temu

    Love this commercial

  • Mr.waffle
    Mr.waffle 10 dni temu

    I love the Christmas commercials

  • 云登
    云登 Rok temu +1

    Everyone's performance is a 10, I give Wade a 9

  • Big Game
    Big Game 8 lat temu

    Im excited for the next season (2015)
    Color then jingle hoops!

  • cam
    cam 5 lat temu

    The good old days!!

  • •dxizzy•#roadto50subs

    Wade just crouching the whole thing

  • Felix Read
    Felix Read Rok temu

    Wade took 7dribbles i think... pretty impressive

  • raw mind
    raw mind 6 lat temu +336

    How is Westbrook taller than Wade
    Fake, jk i already know it is

    • 2Good 4You
      2Good 4You Rok temu

      @Alex Maradiaga Rus ain't 6'3, there was a pic he took with PG13 and Russ was at his shoulder area, and PG13 is 6'8. def not 6'3.

    • Kevin Hardimon
      Kevin Hardimon Rok temu

      That was the one thing that use to bother me about this commercial!

    • NazFrmRH DidIt
      NazFrmRH DidIt Rok temu

      @Gdog 1 inch

    • J M
      J M Rok temu +1

      Westbrook grew a few inches after he was drafted so he is around 6 foot 4/5.
      Wade is probably like 6 foot 3 with shoes, 6 and probably an extra inch was added at some point by someone to avoid people commenting on Wade being short for his position. That happens all the time.

  • Ravenson
    Ravenson Rok temu

    Let's give Wade a 9 out of 10

  • Fat Guy Eating Pizza

    You just gotta watch all their faces individually and pay attention to Dwight and Dwayne 😆

  • Delano Anderson
    Delano Anderson Rok temu

    I give Wade a 9, just like the amount of dribbles he had...

  • MXP
    MXP Rok temu +2

    So I’ve seen this commercial at least 37 times and I’m just now noticing that Dwight Howard was on the video 😭🤣

  • hunter chii
    hunter chii Rok temu

    The time when everything was ok

  • Uwu
    Uwu 4 lat temu

    Wade did the most work😂😂😂

  • Noah Lani
    Noah Lani 7 dni temu +3

    Dang I miss this type of marketing

  • Giga 13
    Giga 13 Rok temu +1

    I'll give Wade a 9/10

  • Beastmode Lebron
    Beastmode Lebron 11 miesięcy temu

    This is the all stars players before. It’s crazy how time flies

  • umer husain
    umer husain Rok temu +2

    This moment alone is better than a lot of rappers today.

    TTJOKER4 Rok temu

    There is always that Dwyane Wade in your group project

  • AfroWorld
    AfroWorld 8 lat temu +402

    D-Wade didn't do anything!

  • Yaga
    Yaga Rok temu +1

    Wade is the kid who doesnt do anything and still gets an A

  • Bonnie Short
    Bonnie Short Miesiąc temu +15

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos TOPGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • LCPlayz
    LCPlayz 4 lat temu

    I love how only one of these players is still the star of their team today

    • Just
      Just 4 miesięcy temu

      0 now

  • llIusion
    llIusion 2 lat temu +1

    Back when Joe Johnson was a great player

  • Alden 2k
    Alden 2k 6 lat temu

    Carmelo Anthony was the star in that commercial!

  • TheAgeOfTheNerds
    TheAgeOfTheNerds 7 lat temu +3

    D-wade took exactly 7 dribbles!

  • Allen Jae
    Allen Jae 5 lat temu +1

    Its amazing dwight can dribble lol

  • J
    J 5 lat temu

    I'm so confused as to why Dwight had a bigger role bouncing the ball than Wade

  • Kenji
    Kenji Rok temu +3

    "Look at Wade man, so inspirational"

  • ZX
    ZX Rok temu +1

    That's pretty cool! 😎👌🏀

  • enzo cabz
    enzo cabz 5 lat temu +9

    i think wade is doing well...

  • WatchingForFun carroll
    WatchingForFun carroll 7 lat temu +140

    Wade looks more interested in taking a dump than dribbling.

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 6 lat temu +327

    Wade has 3 rings, doubt he cares how much he dribbles in this commercial haha.

    • VibrantSK
      VibrantSK 6 lat temu

      +Michael Slim 3 bruh

    • Mystic
      Mystic 6 lat temu

      +Michael Slim The heat did not win in 2011.

    • Michael Slim
      Michael Slim 6 lat temu

      he has 4 rings, 2005 2011 2012 2013

    • VibrantSK
      VibrantSK 6 lat temu

      +nyc 123 u forgot how he won bruh remember? he shot more freethorws then the whole mavs team combined the whole series! dude how could u forget? (sarcasm)

  • Mert
    Mert Rok temu

    Westbrook and Joe Johnson had the hardest parts

  • GameCenter83
    GameCenter83 8 lat temu

    Howard:30 Dribbles Anthony:33 DRIBLES JOhnson:28 DRIBBLES Westbrook:36 Dribbles
    Wade:7 XD

  • _Shawarmaman _
    _Shawarmaman _ 5 lat temu

    Way to contribute DWade!

  • Armando Pineda
    Armando Pineda 5 lat temu +3

    Dwayne Wade dribbled the ball like 3 times

    KALAN 5 lat temu +1

    dwayne wade only dribbled the ball 6 times 7 if you count dribling 2 balls at 1 time

  • Theodore Clinch
    Theodore Clinch 2 lat temu

    They would dominate the nba with this starting 5

  • Erik jabs fan page
    Erik jabs fan page 2 lat temu

    Dwight Howard knows a lot about dribbling balls

  • hErbBoogIe
    hErbBoogIe Rok temu

    Joe Johnson had the most difficult part.

  • Juan RR
    Juan RR 2 lat temu +1

    I give D Wade a -9/10

  • monsterjs2608
    monsterjs2608 Rok temu

    Dwight can’t bounce the ball like that 😂

  • gautam gautamsuresh

    Dwayne wade gave this a 9/10

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu Rok temu

    8 years ago wait to see these players retire we gonna miss them

  • jessica q
    jessica q 8 lat temu +24

    Did anyone else notice that Dwayne didn't dribble as much as the others, or am I the only one?

    • JuwanB
      JuwanB 8 lat temu +2

      @KevinFeder nah, Joe Johnson the best ball handler out of these guys bro

    • KevinFeder
      KevinFeder 8 lat temu +2

      well I did but its not like he cant, hes the best dribbler out of those players hands down lol, i guess it was just his role.

  • Brennan Kirchhoff
    Brennan Kirchhoff 5 lat temu

    Wade is the high note. That's why

  • Kakouhai
    Kakouhai Rok temu

    Dwight: vibin
    Melo: serious
    Joe: doesnt wanna be in the middle
    Russ: tik toks
    Wade: Giving his usage a nine