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Top 10 Long-Distance Shots Regular Season 2012-2013

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  • Opublikowany 29 kwi 2013
  • Check out these LONG range shots from the NBA's best. What is the longest shot you have hit in a game?
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Komentarze • 1 816

  • Brittany Bates

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.

  • blank white profile picture

    I remember watching this video when it came out because I've always loved long distance shots, now they are more common than ever. I'm here after Curry broke the all time 3 point record

  • Alex Spofford
    Alex Spofford 8 lat temu +3

    may i just say that i love how everyone else heaves these long distance shots and James Harden actually stopped and shot it at halfcourt like a regular three... pretty crazy when you can say that your range extends to half court.

  • Marcus Andrews
    Marcus Andrews 8 lat temu

    I was there for the Jason Kidd shot .. It was truly amazing .. Msg went insane !!!

  • Ariane Taraki
    Ariane Taraki 8 lat temu +4

    what i love most about these, are the reactions from teamates and or the crowds!!!!

  • SoFreshBlaze
    SoFreshBlaze 8 lat temu +2

    I love how everyone reacted when tyreke evans hit the shot

  • Dantin Morgan
    Dantin Morgan 8 lat temu +6

    Jason Kidd's buzzer beater from half court almost touched the ceiling at Madison Square Garden!!!

  • LoveMe,com
    LoveMe,com 4 lat temu +1


  • AwesomeFreakinSAUCE
    AwesomeFreakinSAUCE 6 lat temu

    Number 2 should be 1. The crowd reaction was so amazing!

  • Sman305
    Sman305 9 lat temu

    Probably one of the very few Top ten now days that the Heat gets #10 and Cavs get #1. Love it.

  • Tito Maquito
    Tito Maquito 8 lat temu +1

    i was at that game when harden hit that 3 sitting courtside, best game ive ever been to and best game ive ever watched. harden went off

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 8 lat temu +1

    I love Harden's because I can imagine him saying to Steph Curry; "Your transiton 3 ain't shit." right before he lauches it because he took time to set himself

  • Marius Facktor
    Marius Facktor 6 lat temu +14


  • Dantin Morgan
    Dantin Morgan 8 lat temu

    #1 deserves to be #1 on this video!!! Alonzo Gee swishes a clean three pointer. He had only 0.8 left to get his shot off!!! He swished a 60 footer!!!

  • lloyd l
    lloyd l 9 lat temu

    The one I favored is by Stephen Mabury , its couple years ago. Mid court jump shor. Very elegant

  • Michiganfan0308
    Michiganfan0308 8 lat temu

    I love number 3. The Euro-Step 3/4 court shot.

  • Sinhae
    Sinhae 9 lat temu

    That happened 3 times in NBA History (TO WIN, not to tie)
    Devin Harris, Jerry West, and Tyreke Evans

  • james lachs
    james lachs 6 lat temu

    That shot by James Harden was insane. These are all long-toss heaves and he basically pulls up and shoots a jumper from half court!!?? That's not only impressive because of his accuracy but it takes a lot of strength to take a normal shot from that far. Wow!

  • Napoleon
    Napoleon 6 lat temu +386

    did harden just pull up from mid court with a regular shot release 😨✊

  • vinzAtion HF
    vinzAtion HF 8 lat temu

    i love when the crowds stands up or put their hands up