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LeBron tackles Heat fan who hits $75,000 shot!

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  • Opublikowany 24 sty 2013
  • Check out this wild highlight of one lucky Heat fan who throws up a one-handed hook shot from half court and sinks it for 75,000 dollars, much to the delight of all the fans & players in the arena, especially LeBron James, who storms the court and tackles him!
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  • ThatDFF
    ThatDFF Rok temu +3530

    dude just made a half court shot with one hand, made $75k, and was hugged by Lebron. He is living what we dream

    • Menibor1
      Menibor1 8 godzin temu

      There is a lot of things I coulda done but I choose this path.

    • Grizzlies
      Grizzlies 8 godzin temu

      @Menibor1 you could’ve been like okay 👌 and scroll through the comments! He obviously means Lebron fans not the whole world lol

    • Owais. Q
      Owais. Q 14 dni temu

      made 75k for a shot? damn.

    • Chloe D’Elia
      Chloe D’Elia Miesiąc temu

      @Adrian Clark and he’s literally on the court lol, living the dream man

    • Adrian Clark
      Adrian Clark Miesiąc temu +1

      On live tv

  • VF Goditachyyy
    VF Goditachyyy Rok temu +3932

    imagine waking up in the morning thinking its just gonna be a normal game from your fav team, next thing you know you see lebron sprinting at you after you made 75k after a halfcourt shot

    • Jayden Vert
      Jayden Vert Miesiąc temu

      @VF Goditachyyy fax 😂😂

    • VF Goditachyyy
      VF Goditachyyy 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @illusive_nezzy88 proly even lebron haters would scream like little girls

    • VF Goditachyyy
      VF Goditachyyy 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @illusive_nezzy88 who wouldnt lets be honest

    • illusive_nezzy88
      illusive_nezzy88 4 miesięcy temu +2

      Man I would probably freak out like a school girl lol...

    • trashammerbz
      trashammerbz 4 miesięcy temu

      a hook shot btw, unbelievable.

  • Bugman
    Bugman Rok temu +2179

    You're dead inside if you can't share that mans joy as much as himself.

    • Nigga with Swagga
      Nigga with Swagga 6 miesięcy temu

      @I Play One On T.V. Seek help my man, you need it.

      LAST TV EDITs 7 miesięcy temu


    • Roas Metten
      Roas Metten 7 miesięcy temu

      I didn't get the money nor the hug from Lebron who I really don't admire lol
      Now give me the money and if I can hang around (not hug) Jordan, Pippen and Rodman well sir then I can share that joy

    • I Play One On T.V.
      I Play One On T.V. 9 miesięcy temu +3

      @Sneakytacos77 Wrong. The people who are depressed and angry are the snowflakes like "Bugman 4" who have nothing more to do in their lives except to get on "PLclip" to seek out the personal validation affirmations they crave from fellow, unsuspecting "PLcliprs." That's sick.

  • Paul Marshall
    Paul Marshall Rok temu +4920

    He looks really confident after making the shot, almost like he expected to.

    • Gaurav Pokharel
      Gaurav Pokharel 22 dni temu

      Maybe he practiced ehh

      STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!! Miesiąc temu

      @Burkeey the rim the device in the rim when turned on causes just enough force to pull ball in its direction why is basketball the only sport they don’t let the fans keep the ball when it goes in crowd?

    • Burkeey
      Burkeey Miesiąc temu

      @STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!! if they used magnets then how tf did the ball go in and fall down? the net aint metal.

      STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!! 2 miesięcy temu

      @semerre I’m just saying it’s pretty ridiculous

    • semerre
      semerre 2 miesięcy temu

      @STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!! yea its true lol

  • Tristan
    Tristan 3 lat temu +13166

    Half court shot value: $75,000.
    A hug from LeBron: priceless.

  • vagaboN51
    vagaboN51 11 miesięcy temu +504

    i love how EVERYBODY jumps up and celebrates right along with him. its beautiful. we all won.

    • Bobo The Darkest
      Bobo The Darkest Miesiąc temu

      @ChumBue I'm a little late but what happened?

    • Bob
      Bob 3 miesięcy temu

      relative to the great half court shot prize amounts, that was very very big tbh lol. 75000 is almost 6 figures, minus taxes yadayada, but that shit is mad money to win lol.

    • Amida Buddha
      Amida Buddha 7 miesięcy temu

      All the best

    • ChumBue
      ChumBue 11 miesięcy temu +7

      @gae Found the edge lord
      "Ug, my life sucks and I hate when people are happy 😒"

    • matthew furlotte
      matthew furlotte 11 miesięcy temu +2

      i was at this game. never forget it. heat were in the middle of a 27 game win streak

  • acoustic prince
    acoustic prince Rok temu +3745

    Fan: "And I took it personal.."

  • Vic H
    Vic H 10 miesięcy temu +71

    Lebron legit took this moment from memorable to legendary. Its so hype to see the players get pumped 😂

  • Moonlight_Aura87
    Moonlight_Aura87 11 miesięcy temu +52

    Man what a great time to be a heat fan, 2 nba back to back titles and 4 nba finals appearances. Thank you lebron, wade and bosh, what a great team.

    • KidCat
      KidCat 9 miesięcy temu

      Also 2006 titles you didn’t forgot it *right?*

  • Lil Sokz
    Lil Sokz 6 lat temu +29931

    he spent his $75,000 on his back pain surgery.

    • Nino Martinez
      Nino Martinez 11 miesięcy temu


    • Fruit Punch
      Fruit Punch Rok temu

      Nothing gained, nothing lost
      Plus, he got to hug LeBron James👍

  • DavidPlayz Roblox
    DavidPlayz Roblox Miesiąc temu +4

    He not only got a hug from Lebron,
    He got a hug from HEAT Lebron

  • My Channel
    My Channel Rok temu +14

    This man is a legend I hope he lives a great life

    • KorZen
      KorZen 2 miesięcy temu +4

      which one, there are quite a few men in this video

  • Ant Don J
    Ant Don J 4 miesięcy temu +2

    This Is Exactly Why Lebron Is A GOAT! We Need More Players Just Like Him Going Forward!

  • Farid The Layman
    Farid The Layman 9 miesięcy temu +3

    LeBron be making me smile from time to time

  • Tom Mantle
    Tom Mantle 4 lat temu +13358

    What they don't know is that LeBron bet Wade 100K that the guy would make the shot.

    • Gaurav Pokharel
      Gaurav Pokharel 22 dni temu


    • The Boi
      The Boi 24 dni temu


    • Bigbagofgamer
      Bigbagofgamer 2 miesięcy temu

      @Lukas Rudėnas lol money has bague my brotha I’m not gonna type fifteen paragraphs about it but that’s how mo ye works. Money =value

  • Jackson Hitti
    Jackson Hitti 7 miesięcy temu +5

    best video ever im so happy for the guy. the smile on his face man. that was incredible

  • Antonin Matero
    Antonin Matero 3 miesięcy temu +1

    Still to this day one of the most main character moments a person can experience

  • natedogg1088
    natedogg1088 Rok temu +3

    I think it's awesome to see a star like LeBron that excited for a guy who just changed his life in a single moment

  • ECLIPSE 2734
    ECLIPSE 2734 Rok temu +49

    I don't give AF what mood im in this always makes me smile

  • T1J
    T1J 7 lat temu +27824

    the funny thing is Lebron probably made 75k in the same amount of time it took that guy to

    • Karate Chap
      Karate Chap 5 miesięcy temu

      And he still claims to be opressed

    • HappySpy
      HappySpy 5 miesięcy temu

      That’s totally true

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis 11 miesięcy temu +1

    this is a legendary moment in NBA history

  • Doug G
    Doug G Rok temu

    The way the guy reacted. There was no shock in his face. He's made that many times before. Loved it.

  • angel delgado
    angel delgado Rok temu +3

    That was probably the greatest moment of that man's life

  • AmcFutureMillionaire

    What an amazing moment for that man wow imagine winning 75 grand and having your hero celebrate it with you like that

  • Two Pyramid
    Two Pyramid Rok temu

    I respect the fan for staying well behind the half court line when he made the shot.

  • Mary
    Mary 26 dni temu

    I wasn’t there. But from someone who have witnessed both a half court and a full court shot, you will be out of your seat and screaming at how unbelievable that shot was!

    ATEAM_ FUTURE7 Rok temu +1

    This just puts a smile on my face

  • Roopesh Mesta
    Roopesh Mesta Rok temu

    LeBron has a heart bigger then himself ❤️

  • Shanice Wehl
    Shanice Wehl 4 lat temu +6973

    The hug is technically even worth more than $75,000....

  • keisha Lewis
    keisha Lewis 2 miesięcy temu +2

    That man has already tied Shaq in 3pts made wow he has a good future ahead of him

  • kimpereseo_11
    kimpereseo_11 11 dni temu

    That's why I'm so grateful to be a fan of this legend King James.

  • Hey
    Hey 11 miesięcy temu

    This just brought a smile to my face

  • Ashley Ember
    Ashley Ember Rok temu

    What a magic moment,great!😇😇😇

  • SoleScorpion
    SoleScorpion Rok temu +7

    Gotta love the love tackle by LJ 😂

  • Nathaniel Ramos
    Nathaniel Ramos 4 miesięcy temu

    i love how even the pistons bench was going nuts😅

  • Marcus McLin
    Marcus McLin Rok temu

    I'd have been way more excited if I had hit that shot. He was just like, "Oh nice, that should help me reach my numbers for the quarter-WHOA LEBRON!"

  • Soldier09
    Soldier09 4 miesięcy temu

    What a moment. 9 days later the Heat would go on to what would be the second longest win streak in an NBA season

  • Damian
    Damian 3 dni temu

    It’s crazy. I went on a field trip to this game lol. Good times.

    QUEEN BARBIEE73 Rok temu +2


  • Thiago Amado
    Thiago Amado 11 miesięcy temu

    what a moment in his life!

  • Devin
    Devin 11 miesięcy temu +2

    I wanted to hug from LeBron more than he wanted the 75k.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vyón
    Vyón 7 lat temu +14463

    Imagine if that was Shaq

    • Nacho Libre
      Nacho Libre Miesiąc temu

      My mans would be a pancake

    • Rot
      Rot Miesiąc temu

      The guy's family would have enough money for the funeral at least

    • Mushroom Marky
      Mushroom Marky Miesiąc temu


    • Springz
      Springz Miesiąc temu

      @Jarod Mitchell lol

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky Rok temu +1

    That's amazing af. None of the NBA players on the court that day could even hit that shot.

  • Nekeya Alexander
    Nekeya Alexander Miesiąc temu

    This is heart warming

  • Warrior80
    Warrior80 6 miesięcy temu

    I’m in the worst mood of my life and this made me smile 😊

  • Home Parsley
    Home Parsley Rok temu +1

    I would trade all my winnings to get tackled by LeBron

  • Connor H 98
    Connor H 98 5 lat temu +1323

    The best part about all of this is, it put a smile on EVERYONES face

  • Green screen Machine
    Green screen Machine Rok temu +74

    Imagine getting tackled by a 6'8 giant muscular, tall and fierce man.......

    • sam signorelli
      sam signorelli Rok temu +1

      One of my fencing students (sabre) is 6'9"...it was like getting attacked by a mountain.

    • KpitGangsta
      KpitGangsta Rok temu +3

      lol, he embraced that man in the most loving supporting fashion possible!!!

    • Monge
      Monge Rok temu +16

      You got wet xD

  • Amir Na Lyne
    Amir Na Lyne Rok temu

    He will remember this day forever ❤️😅

  • MK Road Maps
    MK Road Maps Rok temu

    Brought tears to my eyes :D

  • itss yooboii
    itss yooboii Rok temu +285

    8 years later and this only gets recommended now.

  • Crypto Vegeta
    Crypto Vegeta Rok temu +10049

    he coulda gotten another half million sueing for back injury lebron gave him lol

    • dashcs
      dashcs 6 miesięcy temu

      @Boo are you on windows xp or vista bro

    • Crypto Vegeta
      Crypto Vegeta 6 miesięcy temu

      @Musap Gümüs thank you brotha lol

    • Musap Gümüs
      Musap Gümüs 6 miesięcy temu

      @Crypto Vegeta Heyy, dude, I gave you the 10.000th like

  • polo raid
    polo raid Rok temu

    this made me smile super wide

  • Mr Bean Big Peanus
    Mr Bean Big Peanus Miesiąc temu

    When you are natural born as a quarter back but you also love basketball…

  • Four-Twenty 420
    Four-Twenty 420 17 dni temu

    This puts a big smile on my face

  • Paxton Collins
    Paxton Collins 6 miesięcy temu

    I love LeBron such an awesome person

  • JayLiche
    JayLiche 4 lat temu +8905

    Must’ve been scary
    This 6”8
    Bulldozer blocking machine
    charging at you full speed

  • The Crazy Amateur Runner

    Fan was like "hold my beer and watch this" 🤣💪👍🏼

  • Jonathan CZ
    Jonathan CZ Rok temu +10

    It's from these things that makes you smile and then realise how unfair the world is 😂

  • Devan
    Devan  Rok temu +4

    Lebron looks genuinely happy its so much fun to watch

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 4 miesięcy temu +2

    I love how even the Pistons NBA players are hyped up over the shot.

  • Antonne W
    Antonne W 6 lat temu +5121

    Then Shaq comes out the cut like "got back pain?"

    • lairdriver
      lairdriver Rok temu

      Got some Icy Hot right here!

    • Yedija Vanutama
      Yedija Vanutama 3 lat temu

      Quite so
      See other LeBron VS Shaq amazing compilation here: bit.ly/Live_NBA

    • Josh Loach
      Josh Loach 3 lat temu

      Antonne Watson 😂😂😂

    • Mm. Saints
      Mm. Saints 4 lat temu

      Antonne Watson a

  • Jonny ReLLo
    Jonny ReLLo Rok temu

    When a whole stadium is happy for ONE man.

  • G
    G 10 miesięcy temu +1

    “the worst looking shot with the best result I’ve ever seen” 😂 i will never not love this!

  • Sadiya Ansari
    Sadiya Ansari Rok temu

    What a shot man 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Martin Luizaga
    Martin Luizaga Rok temu

    You see his technique and would never guess the shot dropped in THAT clean.

  • Torab Abdullah
    Torab Abdullah Rok temu +21

    commentator: That's probably the worst looking shot with a best result"
    i'm dead x'D

  • K M Hemmans
    K M Hemmans Rok temu +1

    I needed this reminder of greatness

  • E. Finch
    E. Finch 6 miesięcy temu

    Love the piston's bench reaction

  • Ashi
    Ashi 11 miesięcy temu

    Imagine his co workers face after hearing what he did this weekend 😭

  • SplashX1
    SplashX1 Rok temu +5677

    This is probably the only time a man is happy to see a 6’9 tattooed black man tackle him

    • Oleka Nasky
      Oleka Nasky 10 miesięcy temu

      @Khalil Nickoli Art Badic fax were all human

    • Khalil Nickoli Art Badic
      Khalil Nickoli Art Badic 10 miesięcy temu

      I mean black people is people like us
      Not a stupid racist

    • Arya4K
      Arya4K 10 miesięcy temu

      @Khalil Nickoli Art Badic he is a black man and ur comment is making it look like being black is bad

  • Matin Sayed
    Matin Sayed 2 miesięcy temu

    I hope Lebron did not break his back, 😂😂.... nonetheless, one of the most exciting halftime shows. Congrats!!

  • Marley Rasta
    Marley Rasta 7 miesięcy temu

    Now this put a big smile 😃 on my face I’m not a Lebrun fan like that he’s a good guy and good athlete

  • Timothy Ahn
    Timothy Ahn 4 miesięcy temu

    It's amazing how he swished that

    KING AWESOME Rok temu +4

    How cold Lebron is now...Im sure that fan is a Legend and will never forget this

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P 4 lat temu +1035

    You know it amazes me as I read some of the comments on here, that even in a happy moment that this fan wins $75,000 and Lebron shows him love, that people still have negative things to say! It’s unbelievable! Yo this is a moment where this fan will never forget! Great moment right here!

    • Luhiko
      Luhiko Rok temu

      Datboimalachi v its a joke not everything people say are negative

    • Luhiko
      Luhiko Rok temu

      Kevin P theyre not negative they are just jokes. People like u are the real people that think negatively in their lives

    • DeMarDeRozanSZN
      DeMarDeRozanSZN 2 lat temu +1

      The guy who won probably smelt like Rotten Eggs and Cottage Cheese and Horse Crap feel bad for lebron.

    • AugDaIcyFlame 5D
      AugDaIcyFlame 5D 2 lat temu

      @AJDC 5 your the negative person he's talking about

  • Pat Denton
    Pat Denton Rok temu

    I know a cousin will definitely dream a hug like this from Lebron.

  • Juju Nunya
    Juju Nunya Rok temu

    Lebron James jumping on that man like he was supposed to catch him LOL 🤣

  • tutto52
    tutto52 11 miesięcy temu

    one of the best moment in the life of that person.

  • Joi ri
    Joi ri Rok temu

    That hug is probably more memorable to him than the 70k😂

  • jeejjwnwnsn sksnnw
    jeejjwnwnsn sksnnw 5 lat temu +2320

    Won $75,000, made a half court hook shot on live TV and in front of an entire arena and then hugged by Lebron James. Not bad.

    • lairdriver
      lairdriver Rok temu

      Half the Heat were cheering like they won to

    • Ramón François
      Ramón François 4 lat temu +3

      Needs a new hip, costs: $75000

    • Lukeub
      Lukeub 4 lat temu

      AND he is on the official NBA channel on youtube

    • King maalim
      King maalim 4 lat temu +1

      Jerome Rockefeller damn this man was born with luck

  • Deborah Byom
    Deborah Byom Rok temu

    Must have been one of his best days ever,one to tell the grandchildren .

  • Miguelito
    Miguelito Rok temu +1

    I was at that game, everyone went crazy when he scored

    • Danky
      Danky Rok temu +1

      this comment gave me a good laugh thanks

  • Kalakal Boy
    Kalakal Boy Rok temu

    I love the Pistons team reactions

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 5 miesięcy temu

    His reaction was the best part

  • Trucks Trees Toys
    Trucks Trees Toys 5 lat temu +1937

    that could of been a $75,000,000 shot if he prettending that hurt

    • John John
      John John 2 lat temu

      Just what I was thinking

    • Rohan Rai
      Rohan Rai 3 lat temu

      @Lord Infamous what? How was he insinuating racism

    • MisterMasterful
      MisterMasterful 3 lat temu

      Only if he was Jewish

    • OC45
      OC45 3 lat temu

      A Mas.0 lmao!!!

  • Alex G
    Alex G Rok temu +6

    sports reminds me the beauty of humanity, look how happy they both are. undeniable.

  • Steven Wolk
    Steven Wolk Rok temu

    Lebron is a good person and so genuine.

  • Leo Martin
    Leo Martin Rok temu

    I like how Lebron hugged that dude. That was a gracious thing to do.

  • Misael Chalas
    Misael Chalas 9 miesięcy temu

    Me- *Sees Lebron hug a fan* “that looks like a cool experience”
    Commentator- “He probably enjoyed the hug more than the money!”

  • Dλɾʈɧ Vɩͼʈσɾ
    Dλɾʈɧ Vɩͼʈσɾ 2 lat temu +5442

    Would you rather
    Get tackled by Lebron james
    Get $75000
    Him: *yes*

    ARNAV KOLLURU Rok temu +4

    Lebron is truly a great inspiration for kids. @kingjames you rock! Thanks for being so awesome. I am so thankful I get to see you play. Good luck. LBJ THE TRUTH>

  • Flame N Fortune
    Flame N Fortune Rok temu

    My guy got a hug/takedown by LeBron James *and* 75k?
    God blessed that man in full

  • john giants john
    john giants john Rok temu

    That was awesome . This money could change his life. When your a athlete and getting paid millions $75,000 might not mean much . I think LeBron was happy for him .Score one for the good guy

  • hey youtuber
    hey youtuber Rok temu +583

    Anyone else getting this randomly recommended 8 years later?

  • PB Matthew
    PB Matthew 11 dni temu

    I miss these days so much. Coach Tony on the broadcast, prime lebron and heat :(

  • Ryan Lie
    Ryan Lie 6 miesięcy temu

    It's great to get a hug from Lebron but man I'd be the first to run the hell away if a 200 lbs pure muscle machine sprints at me like that

  • Marcelo Conservador
    Marcelo Conservador 10 miesięcy temu

    The Detroit Bench Reaction was amazing

  • Daniel Lazare
    Daniel Lazare 11 miesięcy temu

    I honestly don't know what I would do if Lebron tackled me out of Joy

  • Abuse Edits
    Abuse Edits 5 lat temu +2129

    If someone from dude perfect dies, I can sleep at night knowing we have this guy to fill the spot