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Steve-馃! Get to know Grizzlies big man Steven Adams

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  • Opublikowany 10 maj 2022
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Komentarze • 76

  • dinaosauruss
    dinaosauruss Dzie艅 temu +113

    Extra : Westbrook X factor to get 2017 MVP

  • Giancarlo Corlazzoli
    Giancarlo Corlazzoli Dzie艅 temu +78

    Wait鈥 there are 17 more of these giants walking the earth?!? That would be a crazy and hectic family Christmas!

  • PAC
    PAC Dzie艅 temu +100

    So this is what Aquaman is doing before his sequel is released.

  • JX
    JX Dzie艅 temu +100

    The real life aquaman

  • Wam
    Wam Dzie艅 temu +37

    I wish he got more minutes

  • Xanny V
    Xanny V Dzie艅 temu +10

    The kindest player in NBA

  • Devin Vez
    Devin Vez Dzie艅 temu +13

    Thanks....now I feel like I know him.

  • Emmanuel Fonoti-Fuimaono
    Emmanuel Fonoti-Fuimaono Dzie艅 temu +2

    Aquaman waiting for the courtcase to be done

  • Triads
    Triads Dzie艅 temu +1

    my favorite player in the league. Glad he's getting minutes now

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson Dzie艅 temu +9

    Steven Adam鈥檚 rookie season compared to now looks nearly unrecognizable 馃 馃挴

  • Ralf Obejas De Leon
    Ralf Obejas De Leon Dzie艅 temu +2

    I thought it was aquaman

  • David London
    David London Dzie艅 temu +1

    Has a passion for donuts (in the past and he still has it)

  • psp785
    psp785 Dzie艅 temu +1


  • Israel Diaz
    Israel Diaz Dzie艅 temu +4

    Him and Westbrook did something special in OKC

  • Antonio Lacy Jr.
    Antonio Lacy Jr. Dzie艅 temu +8

    Big fan of steven adams

  • Kenny
    Kenny 21 godzin臋 temu +4

    I live 45 minutes from Rotorua 馃槑

  • rod axel
    rod axel Dzie艅 temu +7


  • Kiara Mia 馃挦
    Kiara Mia 馃挦 Dzie艅 temu

    I'd love to be

  • Wizppa Prod
    Wizppa Prod Dzie艅 temu +3

    i鈥檓 from new zealand too 馃嚦馃嚳馃敟

  • Shannon Waterhouse
    Shannon Waterhouse 19 godzin temu

    I am so happy he is at Memphis!! Will always be a fan wherever he goes!! We love you Steve-o!!!!